Swiss fixings specialist Lamello has launched its Cabineo 8 M6. Now available in the UK from Lamello distributors, the new connector can be used to join hard materials like aluminium, steel and HPL. 

Available in a black or white finish, the new Cabineo 8 M6 boasts the same impressive credentials as the existing Cabineo family. The one-piece connector is quick and easy to install into a drilled or routed shape and requires no edge drilling, making it suitable for use on simple three-axis and nesting machines. 

Cabineo 8 M6 is available in black or white


It also requires no dowel holes, which means less drill holes per connector and a high clamping force so the user can wave goodbye to long curing times, the pre-installation of screws and dowels and wobbly joints. 

Where this new fitting does differ from its predecessors is its impressive wear-free design. Made to withstand vigorous use, it can be connected directly into a range of hard materials that have been pre-drilled to accept the M6 Cabineo. 

What is more, where the thread hole cannot be cut directly into the substrate, the new fixing can be partnered with a steel insert for an even stronger joint. This is an ideal option for those creating detachable corner and dividing panel joints with a heavy load. 

The insert nut is available in two sizes to work with materials from 14-25mm in thickness

ts hardy design also makes the insert an ideal solution for those looking to assemble and reassemble products multiple times without compromising on the products’ strength – and, with two insert nuts available to work with 14-16mm- and 17-25mm-thick materials, the new Cabineo 8 M6 brings a wealth of design opportunities to the table. 

“The Cabineo 8 M6 is a game-changer,” says Shaye Chatfield, Lamello area sales manager. “The original Cabineo has become a firm favourite among furniture designers and manufacturers thanks to its ability to significantly reduce the production, transport and assembly time needed without jeopardising the strength and aesthetics of the design, but they’ve only ever been suitable for panel-on-panel joining. 

“The new Cabineo 8 M6 has changed this. Now, you can connect hard materials and panel products together quickly and efficiently with only one tool change from a 5mm to 15mm drill. 

“The design possibilities are endless. I’ve already seen it being used to join metal legs onto wooden tabletops and the results have been fantastic. Plus, with the added reassurance of an insert nut, it offers a discreet, fast and effective solution to join heavy-duty materials without compromise.” 

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