Once bonded with Rakoll ECO 3, a product stays bonded, says Kenyon Group


A D3 PVAc–polymerised adhesive, manufactured in Dukinfield, Cheshire, HB Fuller’s Rakoll ECO 3 is widely respected in the marketplace, with a proven track record in delivering results from assembly to hot/cold pressing across woodworking sectors.

What separates Rakoll ECO 3 from other products available in the market? James Hamilton, sales manager at distributor Kenyon Group, explains: “Polymerising and manufacturing this adhesive in the UK is a huge and unique advantage in the PVAc D3 market.  

“We see many competitor products on the market that are simply imported in bulk and then repacked with a new badge/label. With Rakoll ECO 3 we have total control and transparency of the product at all stages, right from its manufacture in Dukinfield up to delivery. This is why we can so proudly shout about buying British!

“Rakoll ECO 3 is a British-made product which we hold across three UK warehouses, meaning that our customers have no lead times – we deliver the goods when they need the goods. There’s nothing worse than a failed delivery – it stops production and costs money. With Kenyon’s, our customers tell us when they want delivery and we will deliver the goods!  We also pride ourselves in putting in the time and effort to ensure we help our customers achieve the best solution, whatever that may be!

“Delivery is important – very important – but you have to back it up with a quality adhesive product at the right price, offer technical support/advice and solve adhesive problems.  There’s little point in receiving the delivery on time if the adhesive doesn’t do what you require it to do!

“Offering technical on-site support, training and advice is a win-win.  We like to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently with Rakoll ECO 3 adhesive – from providing advice on storage during the colder months to reducing coat weight, making the finished product a little bit more competitive. The main feedback from customers using Rakoll ECO 3 is the product’s ability to spread smoothly and evenly via roller coaters or hand rollers, plus deliver exceptional bond strength.

Rakoll ECO 3 is a British-made product

In the current market we are seeing more and more that the delivered price doesn’t appear to be the dominant deal-breaker. The importance has switched to the ability to deliver the right product at the right time without any possible delays at borders or asking the customer to stockpile, plus at the same time supporting British manufacturing.  

“On-time delivery, made in Britain, normally now outweighs a few pence a kilo in savings over an imported grade – it’s a proven fact, just ask any customer whose production line has been halted due to a failed delivery or product not fit for purpose.

“The name Kenyon has been synonymous with adhesives since 1979, yet we glide under the radar of the multinational competitors by delivering an impeccable service to the end user. We are a family company, with strong family values, celebrating 40 years in the adhesive world. From our base in Oldham, Lancashire, we supply UK woodworking, furniture, caravan, insulation, mattress, window and door manufacturers with a range of high-quality adhesives.

“We like to solve adhesive problems and we have solved many ‘sticky’ problems! If you have an adhesive problem, challenge us – if you are using PVAc adhesives, we would like to talk glue with you!”

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