From the excellence of a leader in the cutting industry – partner with the main machine manufacturers - come dedicated high tech solutions to fit customer’s needs and maximize their performance.

Freud wide range of innovative LSB Extended circular saw blades has been designed to perfectly match every panel sizing machines without the need to further apply tool adaptation. 

Freud LSB extended range saw blade

The LSB X family represents one of the widest range available in the panel sizing sector and delivers outstanding results, leveraging advanced features as:

  • In-house produced TiCo Carbide, providing high resistance to heat and wear
  • Super square tooth design that guarantees up to 30 sharpenings 
  • Anti-vibration slots which considerably reduce vibration and minimize noise
  • High performing and anti-corrosive Silver ICE coating to reduce friction and improve chip ejection.

Advanced solutions for the woodworking industry 

Giulio Santi, Freud EMEA sales manager, says:

“We work with numerous joinery companies – from kitchen manufacturers to panel transformers – that need to perform serious panel processing and demand high quality cutting tools to reach unmatched productivity levels,”

Freud is proud of its heritage and the quality that goes into every tools it engineers: the result of nearly 60-year engineering design and manufacturing expertise in producing premium cutting tools.

For more information or customer consultancy services about Freud circular saw blades, refer to the company’s website.