Surfaces with the optics of a butcher’s block are a classic in the kitchen. They are used as worktops, for recess spaces or shelves, and combined with super matt plain surfaces. Tradespeople planning to apply surfaces with a Butcherblock decor can find two new ABS edging options at Ostermann.

As of now, Ostermann offers two new ABS edgings in Butcherblock design, namely Oak Butcherblock Wood Pore and Walnut Butcherblock Wood Pore. The realistic feel of the wood pore surfaces stresses the natural character and vivid elegance of the decors. Both edgings are available in standard dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 2mm. They are delivered from just one metre and within 24 hours. 

ABS edging Walnut Butcherblock Wood Pore

For those who would prefer a rather lively Butcherblock structure, you should opt for the Walnut version of the Ostermann edging. Its varying lighter and darker elements mirror the classic look of laminated chopping boards perfectly. The elegant characteristics of walnut harmonise with matt, dark grey, black or deep blue surfaces. The decor can of course also be combined with light yellow or green tints, as well as with warm shades of white or beige. 

ABS Edging Oak Butcherblock Wood Pore 

Compared to the walnut variant, the oak version of the Butcherblock edging has a colouration with fewer contrasts. The different parts with oak-typical elements fit together following a tone-in-tone colour scheme. The slightly greyish natural tone stresses the elemental impression and matches all light and dark plain colours. Rather homogeneous colouring allows you to combine the edging not only with uni tones, but also with decors, e.g. monochrome metallic or stone decors. 

Why Butcherblock? 

Super matt surfaces are clearly a trend in kitchen construction. But without contrasting surfaces complementing them, they quickly tend to appear a little too sterile or even boring. To give modern kitchens a little more rustic liveliness, you can use worktops, shelves or recesses as contrasting surfaces with vibrant wood decors, such as the timelessly elegant Butcherblock decor. 

Why from 1m? 

If the new edgings are exclusively needed for a worktop, individual shelves or recesses, orders for whole rolls will lead to unnecessary remaining quantities, which must then be stored or even disposed of later. Ostermann therefore recommends ordering of small amounts according to your needs. In that case, only the amount of metres actually needed is unrolled, cut and sent. The ordered amount is ready for dispatch that same day. 

For further information on the mentioned products, go to the Ostermann website homepage and type in the search item “Highlights112020”.

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