Even large and demanding surfaces can be given the look of marble with the six high gloss marble déors of SibuGlas


If you plan to create walls or furniture with a cutting-edge stone or concrete look, you will find many surfaces at Ostermann that will help you implement the trend with an impressively realistic solid appearance. 

Not everything that looks like stone or concrete necessarily has to be solid; alternative solutions are equally suited to create a cutting-edge solid look. Ostermann offers many different materials for a wide range of applications. 

Acrylic surfaces with shiny marble optics

The marble décors from the SibuGlas product line transform wood materials into an illusion of solid, polished marble surfaces. This effect is achieved by backing acrylic glass surfaces with photorealistic décors, creating a unique depth effect and thereby a deceptively real illusion. Boards can be delivered with either an untreated or a self-adhesive rear side. When the surface is subject to higher exposure, as for example in horizontal applications, it is recommendable to select a scratch-resistant AR+ variant, which is available at Ostermann, as well.

Ostermann offers tradespeople a large selection of products and materials with attractive stone décors

RollBeton – concrete on a roll 

Flexible décors on rolls by Ostermann are developing into a classic in shopfitting, fair stand construction, furniture making and interior design. RollBeton is delivered in light-weight, easy-to process rolls, and still has a finish coating containing real concrete. The material’s processing properties make it easy to cover furniture and walls, or even create stunning designer pieces. 

Comprehensive sample service

Ostermann’s diversity of stone look surfaces is enormous, which is why the edging specialist offers an extensive sample service that will help you make your choice: all mentioned materials and décors are also available as samples. For any questions on the products, well-trained sales employees will of course be at your disposal. 

For further information on the mentioned surfaces as well as helpful application videos, type in the search item “#surfaces” into the search field of the company’s website 

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