The new packing cell from SCM is an ideal solution for furniture kit manufacturers, and includes two machines: an automatic machine for the JIT cutting and production of an open cardboard box, with the required sizes and shape; and the pack c 100 automatic solution for packaging with hotmelt glue, starting with a pre-cut sheet of cardboard. 

All the operator has to do is position the product for packaging in the open box, after which, the upper lid is automatically closed by the pack c 10. Thanks to the automatic measurement change setting, packaging can be created with different-sized boxes, positioned in sequence on the roller. 

Why invest in this cell? 

  • Productive flexibility – the packing cell guarantees top levels, both for high-productivity cycles and in the case of highly customised machinings. This line allows the entire production to be packed rapidly, while also being flexible. 
  • High productivity levels – the cell enables the packing of up to 800 boxes a shift. 
  • Resource optimisation – the cell requires two to three operators to function, while for the same operations done manually, with the same amount of productivity, at least double that number is required. 
  • Optimising spaces – with the packaging cell, users can avoid the storage of dozens of different box shapes which need to be continually moved with the operators. 
  • Optimisation of the box sizes – the box is packed to meet the actual dimensions of the product. This prevents the use of additional costly packing material and subsequent manpower time. 
  • Perfect packaging – the cell guarantees a flawless, extremely clean-cut, tidy box, states SCM. It also avoids inaccurate angles in the cardboard boxes, generally relying on the packaging done by hand and, as a result, reduces subsequent possible damage to the product caused during transportation. 

In all, it means easier, better-optimised transport, with standard, exact boxes, stacked in an orderly fashion – to the extent that an optimisation of space occupied by the boxes is achieved of around 15% for each vehicle. 

cut c200 

The machine has six separate cutting units and longitudinal creasing, and a crossways unit. Positioning themselves independently and simultaneously, thanks to the brushless motor and tilted toothing rack, these units provide high flexibility for box shapes linked to a high level of productivity. 

The operator calls up the required box from the interface, or by reading a barcode. Lastly, in the more automated lines, the dimensional reading of the product is carried out using a 3D scanner directly to cut c 200. 

The machine can also be fitted with cardboard box storage of varying widths, in order to optimise the consumption of cardboard according to the sizes of the required box. 

pack C100 detail

pack c100 

The machine automatically scans the box sizes using photocells and encoders, to adapt to varying requirements – from mass production to small batch production, right up to batch one. 

The hotmelt used to close is a quality and precision guarantee in the end packaging, and is a consolidated standard in a number of other product sectors (food, etc.). 

pack c 100 allows the box to be closed with one or two lines of glue on the sides, depending on the customer’s requirements, and the product’s transfer rollers and stop alignments are driven by means of brushless motors, in order to guarantee maximum rapidity and precision in the execution.