Space Tower takes larders to new heights. Forget the old problems of losing tins of baked beans because they have been pushed to the back of a fixed shelf, or having to unload most of a shelf to find that elusive packet of Brazil nuts that were last used a year ago. The ‘shelves’ in Space Tower are actually internal pull-out drawers, which are accessible from three sides and, because they pull out to full extension, this means every item in the drawer is immediately available and visible.

Space Tower has also been designed to suit all kitchen sizes. For those living in a single-roomed flat, there is no problem, as the entry-level unit is just 300mm wide – while those living in a castle can have a massive 1400mm-wide unit. Heights and depths are similarly customisable.

With the new Legrabox Space Tower, huge amounts of heavy products can also be stored. Depending on the width of the larder, each drawer can store up to either 40kg or 70kg – the weight of a small person!

Internal organisation has also been considered. Blum’s Ambia-Line dividers mean users can easily separate packets from tins, or sweet from savoury, meaning no time is wasted looking for product. The dividing system also helps keep packets and bottles upright – so no more spills.

Of course, Space Tower is not just for the kitchen – bathrooms and bedrooms also benefit from easy-access, ergonomic solutions to storage, and the flexible heights mean the room does not have to be overwhelmed by a tall unit.

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