Freud LSB X while cutting on a sizing machine


Freud, the worldwide leader in premium cutting tool manufacturing, celebrates the start of 2021 with the extension of its LSB X range, the outstanding quality circular saw blade for panel sizing applications. 

This next generation portfolio – prestigious icon of Freud’s superior manufacturing know-how and industrial engineering – replaces the former LSB range and offers a wider diameter choice, with over 150 blades, compatible with more than 130 panel sizing machines.  

Result of Freud’s 60-year expertise and mastery in producing the finest and most performing cutting tools, the LSB X are crafted and continuously improved to overcome the toughest challenges posed by the sector. The introduction of new generation cutting materials; the transition from stand-alone machines to fully integrated production lines; the growing number of machine manufacturers with their demanding application needs; the fierce competition from cutting tool manufactures developing new solutions as well as the extreme specialisation experienced by the market, demanded the creation of a super-hero blade. 

Freud LSB X, a wide range of panel sizing saw blades

The LSB X range answers to these growing needs, featuring ultimate technologies and the finest raw materials. Its teeth – made of top quality Carbide, 100% in-house manufactured by Freud – are crafted in a dedicated recipe, formulated and engineered to deliver exceptional performance and extreme cut precision in panel sizing applications. 

In addition, the Super square tooth design delivers up to 25 sharpenings, providing a prolonged lifetime, almost unmatched in the market. On the top, Freud’s anticorrosive Silver ICE Coating technology protects from rust and provides an anti-friction shield. Not only, Freud’s distinctive and exclusive anti-vibration slots reduce vibrations and minimise noise.  

Flawless cut precision, prolonged lifetime and a silent work-environment are, therefore, the most significant advantages provided by this superior quality blade, thanks to exclusive features, mastered throughout an ongoing collaboration with the leading machine manufacturers and Freud’s ownership and control of the full manufacturing process. Moreover, preliminary performance tests and strict controls are the additional ingredients to secure the most stringent compatibility between blade and panel sizing machines. 

When choosing a LSB X blade, all users – ranging from furniture and kitchen manufacturers to panel sizers and leading machine manufacturers, eager to equipping their machines with reliable and top performing cutting tools – will have the peace of mind to have invested in a highly performing and long-lasting solution, produced with the finest material and delivering impeccable results.