Anyone who deals with Wealden Tooling Company will know of the company’s integrity and dedication to service. Any look at forums, chat rooms and weblogs reveals an outstanding level of confidence and support for the Kent-based firm’s commitment and service.

With nearly 40 years of support to users of woodworking cutting tools, and having understood the nuances of evolving productivity, feeds, speeds and machinery, Wealden says it knows what customers need.

While the business has evolved from a company which initially made and sold router cutters, today Wealden is a specialist in wood-cutting tools across the whole industry (and, to some extent, the entire world). It supplies advanced tooling for spindle moulders, CNC routers, router cutters and a wide range of table and band saws.

Wealden says it has a seriously competitive and sophisticated range of CNC tooling, perfectly tailored to the current market. Furthermore, Wealden knows how these tools can be used to maximum effect.

Often, a phone call from a new (and maybe slightly inexperienced) new owner of a CNC machine opens doors to increased productivity. Wealden has both the patience and deep understanding of the world of manufacturing and production to ensure its clients make the most of any opportunity.

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