The lockdown triggered a seismic movement for the home improvement market. Buoyed by a nation who were forced to stay at home but whom quickly began to dream up more inspirational features for their properties, furniture manufacturers have been busy helping swathes of customers design highly functional, good-looking spaces.

However, increased demand for their services has meant manufacturers have needed to find processes, fittings and services that help them turnaround projects more quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, companies such as Häfele have responded accordingly, launching products designed with speed and ease firmly in mind.

Häfele’s new suite of drawers, Matrix Box, is one such example. The Matrix Box range is a universal drawer system suitable for any application in a home or commercial space. The range is available in three product lines – Matrix Box S, Matrix Box A and Matrix Box P – with each product suitable for use in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices, as well as commercial and industrial environments.

Available in a variety of widths, depths and heights, the Matrix Box range caters well to a wide range of applications. For example, within the range there are suitable drawers for bathroom vanity units, which tend to be shallower and shorter in depth, plus under-sink options are ideal for when customers want an integrated basin option.

With load capacities ranging from 30kg to 50kg, Matrix Box is also brilliantly designed for heavy duty drawer systems such as internal kitchen drawer stacks, with either rectangular or round rails, able to hold over 30 food tins at any given time. The Matrix Box range also works well for deeper pan drawers in kitchens.

Offering full extension as standard and push-to-open options, Matrix Box is suited to any domestic or commercial application where quick and easy access to tools and equipment is key, such as an office space or in a medical setting, while its smooth-running keeps sound to a minimum in spaces where quietness is important, such as a bedroom or child’s nursery.

A wide variety of colour options are also available – Matrix Box P is available in white, grey, silver, anthracite and bronze while Matrix Box S and Matrix Box A are available in white, grey and anthracite – there’s a drawer available to suit any theme or décor, meaning the range can be seamlessly integrated to a home or environment of any style.

The entire Matrix Box range has been crafted to aid ease of installation. The Matrix P drilling jig, for example, significantly speeds up drawer runner fitting; once lined up against the carcass fascia at the right height for the chosen runner, furniture producers can pre-drill holes using a countersink drill bit. Likewise, a fascia alignment jig helps locate the fascia fitting into the back of the drawer front. The jig has a racket function, allowing users to tap the drawer front top for easy and quick adjustment. When the installer is happy with the alignment, they simply need to tap the drawer again front-on to make drill hole impressions.

Products such as Matrix Box are in themselves a time saving tool, but Häfele has teamed them with a variety of value services to reduce leg work and make life even easier for manufacturers. With the Häfele to Order service for instance, customers can order from a range of products such as wardrobe rails, sliding door gear and lighting strips that are cut, packaged, labelled and delivered to their exact requirements. With Matrix P, furniture makers are able to select the size and specification they need and through Häfele to Order it will be delivered built and ready to use. 

Through ranges like Matrix Box and the complementary services available from Häfele, furniture manufacturers are empowered threefold: they’re able to use fittings which help complete their projects more effectively and efficiently, meet the customer’s needs in terms of style and functionality, and provide a high-quality finish as you would expect from Häfele products.