Maka’s latest version of the MK7 represents another step forward for the market leading specialist in five-axis machinery.

Now available with a very useful 8ft capacity, a complete noise enclosure with tall and wide-access power-doors, are included as standard, along with quick-setting features for the machine setter, and faster processing speeds !  

The MK7 features a mono-frame construction with least moving parts, requiring low maintenance and provides long term stability.  

The MK7 is a robust heavy-duty machine throughout, and is conveniently designed to provide a compact universal machining centre for a wide variety of complex machining applications.  It is efficient for both one-offs and high volume production.

New Maka MK7 with 8ft capacity, and extra wide powered doors is as happy producing high volume car components for Mercedes, as well as bespoke handrails

The five-axis head may also be also paired with the new 37,000rpm spindle for very high speed machining, carving, detailing and engraving. Tool changing options are also provided for 20 or more tools, including large saws and profile tools, as well as routers and drills. Tools are loaded safely and conveniently from outside the machine too.

More down-to-earth work-horses are available with the massively robust and reliable Power-Maka spindle.

Speed, precision and reliability are all hallmarks of Maka.  The MK7 is no exception. It is also highly flexible.  This same machine is happy producing high volume components for Mercedes, as well as bespoke furniture and joinery items like handrails. 

Its inherent flexibility is in large part due to its precision and power, enabling the programmer to set-up quickly and correctly first time, and confidently go directly from screen-to-machine.

For further details, contact Maka UK MD, Iain Young, directly on 07836-295434 and via