The edgebanding of furniture panels is a key application to the finishing of the product. Panels can be edgebanded on two or four sides, either with flat edgebanding or with the soft-forming technique. According to Taka Adhesives, the use of its hygro-reactive polyurethane hot melts (HMPUR) results in finished products with much higher performance, delivering heat resistance to greater than 150°C, water resistance, and vapour resistance for panels (front doors) for kitchens.

Taka says its HMPUR adhesives allow for a thinner glue line – EVA glue line thickness is 0.2-0.25mm, while HMPUR glue line thickness is 0.1-0.12mm.

As a result of ongoing research, Taka has developed a range of products which meet the following requirements: easy workability; high stability in the machine; (melters) especially during prolonged machine downtime; no formation of threads during the glue application, resulting in clean panel surfaces; high initial tack, especially in hot weather and when using edgebands thicker than 1mm; and an almost invisible glue line (different than that achieved with EVA- or PO-based products).

For edgebanding application, Taka’s key products to satisfy the most varied needs are:

  • TK 3308.5 HMPUR – high initial tack, transparent. This adhesive is suitable for coloured edgebands where it is necessary to minimise the visibility of the joint. 
  • TK 3308.20 – universal HMPUR adhesive for all types of edgeband to be applied to chipboard, MDF or wood panels. Excellent coverage without thread formation, and excellent stability in melters. The product is available both in natural and white versions. Thanks to its high initial bond strength, 3308.20 is the perfect choice in the new, so-called ‘zero-batch’ lines, in which the sides of the panel are edgebanded anywhere between 0-40 minutes (the full cycle for the edgebanding of the four sides) without compromising the adhesion of the previously glued edges, says Taka. The 3308.20 ME is the micro-emission version, with free isocyanate less than 0.1%. 

While the flat side of the panel may be easy to edgeband, the soft-forming side of the panel requires high-performance adhesives. Taka has formulated two products that meet these requirements:

  • TK 3308.5/1 HMPUR – for the soft-forming of interior doors styles. This adhesive provides a very thin adhesive line with excellent grip. 
  • TK 3308.25PV HMPUR – high initial tack for soft-forming of J pool handles or folding. 

To learn more about WPR-TAKA adhesives, contact Anthony Rook at Brit-Ad.

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