The significant optical quality makes Airtronic by EBM affordable for small- to medium-sized workshops


Ney is now offering a colour-matched glue when ordering pre-glued edging. By matching the glue to the edging and the panel, it will give a “never-seen-before” seamless edge, says Ney, therefore greatly improving the aesthetic quality of the finish. 

The seamless joint is becoming the aesthetic and technical standard

Ney Airtronic edgebanding promises to provide a seamless edge while also providing some of the best bonding criteria for MFC and MDF. This is because the coated edgeband is knurled, and has an optimum adhesive gram weight which anchors deeply into the porous chipboard. 

Pre-glued edging with matching glue

he EBM KDP 606 Airtronic uses hot air instead of a messy glue pot, and has all the premilling and finishing stations required for “the perfect edge”. 

This unique coating process is prepared in-house at Ney.

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