Ostermann supplies furniture makers with a great range of furniture edgings with worktop decors. Edgings are delivered from a length of 1m


Cooking has become a hobby for many of us. Along with this shift in focus towards cooking as a cherished pastime instead of a duty, the kitchen is taking centre stage in our homes. More and more people are investing in professional remodelling works. When it comes to worktop edgings, its large selection makes Ostermann a perfect partner for the trade. 

Nowadays, a kitchen is so much more than just a place to prepare our meals. It is a hobby room, event location, and a meeting point for gathering friends and family. So, it is little wonder that more and more people are investing in remodelling their kitchen these days. 

For those who do not want to replace their whole kitchen at once, a professional worktop exchange or extension by a carpenter/cabinet maker is often already enough to give the room a new feel-good look. 

The combination of stone and wood decors has a natural appeal. For a chunky-looking counter element, you can obtain all ABS edgings in widths up to 100mm.

To give as much leeway as possible for the design, Ostermann supplies a great range of ABS edgings for the latest worktop decors: in all widths up to 100mm and in different thicknesses. Find selected edgings and other information on the topic by typing in the search item “#Highlights08” on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu.

New worktop – new look

A worktop’s great horizontal face largely influences the appeal of a room. The board should therefore be chosen carefully, and not without professional advice by a furniture maker: the diversity in worktop decors is huge. But regardless of whether the choice falls on a wood, concrete, metal, glass, or stone look – Ostermann provides you with matching ABS edgings for many different decors. 

To avoid residual quantities and save storage cost, edgings are supplied in small purchasing quantities from just 1m. Stocked goods ordered by 4pm will leave the warehouse that same day. 

As an add-on for the worktop, a modern counter gives a room cosiness and offers additional surface space

Tip: customised counter elements

To gain more surface space and maybe make room for an additional eating place, you can add a small counter to the worktop and create a new, state-of-the-art look. 

A nice visual effect is obtained when you combine two different surface finishes in two different board thicknesses, such as wood and stone or concrete and wood, on one piece of furniture. 

Use the larger board for the counter element to achieve enough stability. For a perfect finish at the edges, all ABS edgings are available at Ostermann in widths up to 100mm. 

Important: protect furniture against moisture

When processing worktop edgings, Ostermann recommends the use of PUR hotmelt adhesive. It is distinguished by a high level of heat and moisture resistance. A particularly good option are REDOCOL products. You plan to apply the edgings with one of the modern zero bondline technologies such as laser, hot air or infrared technology? The quality decors are also available with a functional layer specially adjusted to the respective technology.

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