MB Maschinenbau has, over many years, built a reputation for high quality brush sanding technology. These machines are used for windows, doors, stair parts, timber and MDF mouldings and kitchen cabinet doors.

MB Maschinenbau prides itself in offering solutions to problems – rather than just a sanding machine! The company has realised that one area which is often overlooked is the need to clean products after sanding and prior to further processing, painting, lacquering or foil application.  

The ROBA Profi Clean and ROBA Anti Dust machine series have been designed to tackle these problems and have proved themselves repeatedly.

ROBA Anti Dust, is suitable for the following operation areas: cleaning of furniture and joinery parts before lacquer application; cleaning of parts furniture and joinery before lamination; and the cleaning of furniture and joinery parts before packing.

The Roba Anti Dust machine can be a stand-alone machine or for high volume can be integrated into a lacquering line. The Anti Dust is equipped with cleaning heads working across and along the work piece and these units ensure that the part is cleaned completely, even in complicated contours. Special brushes collect the dust, ionisation bars reduce static loads, and a blower system finishes the cleaning process.

The ROBA Profi Clean is suitable for backside cleaning of thermo-foiled doors, and the cleaning of laminated furniture parts.

The ROBA Profi Clean machine guarantees high productivity cleaning of glue residue on the backside of thermo-foiled doors. This solution can handle a complete batch of doors coming out of a membrane press.                                                      

During this operation, the backside of the door gets cleaned of glue residues and simultaneously all four edges are slightly eased without the risk of delamination.

This is ensured by two or four clockwise and counterclockwise rotating cleaning drums, which are equipped with special cotton brushes. Therefore, the parts do not require any further processing and can be forwarded directly for packaging. 

MB manufacture sanding and cleaning machines and the full range can be viewed on their website