Free yourself from the constraints of electrical sockets: the new SYS-PowerStation from Festool


The new SYS-PowerStation from Festool. Boasting 1500 watt-hours, a full 2990 watts of continuous power output and a top power output of up to 11,000 watts, the portable energy storage device delivers a reliable power that lasts. 

Work whenever you want, wherever you want, with whichever mains-powered machine you want. The SYS-PowerStation puts an end to those cumbersome lengths and lengths of cable and the constant search for power sockets, keeping you always supplied with power wherever you go. The new SYS-PowerStation is also compact and portable and stores up to 1500 watt-hours of electricity. That is equivalent to the energy supplied by 20 battery packs.

As such, it has enough energy for a full day’s work, making users completely independent of traditional power sources, such as sockets, site distribution boards or generators. For example, using the SYS-PowerStation with the Kapex KS 60 sliding compound mitre saw and added mobile dust extractor, you can complete 560 cross-cuts, enough for a parquet floor. With the Planex long-reach sander and connected mobile dust extractor, which are also mains-operated, you could even sand a 200 square-metre surface.

In contrast to its predecessors, the new SYS-PowerStation stands out for its zero-emissions operation. It is silent and produces no harmful fumes when in use – making the SYS-PowerStation better for your health and the environment, as well making it ideal for use indoors. “The SYS-PowerStation turns every mains-powered machine into a cordless machine. Even power-hungry machines such as a large carpentry saw can be rendered portable and reliably powered by the SYS-PowerStation,” explains Product Manager Volker Kaupp. Then there’s the comparatively low weight: At 16Kg, the SYS-PowerStation measures only 50-70%of its counterparts’ weight. The portable energy supply comes in the ultra-compact Systainer3 format.

Its combination of high-performance capabilities and large power storage with compact design and comparatively low weight makes it a one-of-a-kind on the international market. The SYS-PowerStation is not only compatible with all Festool corded power tools, but also supplies electricity to all mains-operated power tools from other manufacturers. It powers these without any loss of performance – just like a standard electrical outlet.

Also located on the front and therefore easy to access is the USB-C port for quickly charging other portable devices such as tablets or smartphones.