The demand for ecological surfaces for high-quality furniture, stairs, parquet floors and other furnishings made of real wood is unbroken. Especially in combination with a long-lasting, resistant surface treatment with selected oils and waxes. Oiled surfaces are breathable. They absorb air humidity and release it again, thus ensuring a healthy indoor climate.

Following this trend, Hesse-Lignal has put together an extensive oil programme. From classic natural oil to coloured oils, oils with modified alkyd resins to raw wood effect oil, there is something for every application. Hesse deliberately refrains from using compounds containing cobalt, butoxime and biocidal agents.

A highlight from the Hesse oil programme is the new Wetprotect-Oil. It is a natural oil mixed with modified alkyd resins. It impregnates the wood fibre particularly well and thus protects the substrate even better from the effects of moisture. The low-viscosity oil has excellent penetration properties and causes the wood to light up well. In addition, the oiled surface is antistatic.

The new Wetprotect-Oil can be used for stairs, kitchen and bathroom furniture and on all common types of wood. Due to its ability to protect the substrate, it is also recommended for use in damp rooms. The oil is applied generously with a spatula, brush, roller or fine abrasive fleece. After an appropriate reaction time, the excess is removed. 

Depending on whether Wetprotect-Oil is used on its own or in combination with other Hesse oils, it is applied once or twice. This increases the water resistance of the overall finish and protects the wood even better from moisture.

Wetprotect-Oil is decopaint compliant, vegan and fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 73-1 (safety of toys), DIN 53160 part 1 and 2 (saliva and sweat resistance)

Image © Hesse