The demand for painted furniture is still at the forefront of interior design, along with the more recent trend for natural and tactile structured surfaces. Such modern interior design trends are raising the bar for the production of surfaces in the furniture industry.

The different requirements for high-quality surfaces in furniture manufacturing demand smart production solutions such as those afforded by Homag’s surface solution technology. Trusted worldwide, the technology has been specifically developed to provide faultless finishes time after time while delivering many economical advantages too. 

To meet the demand for high-quality painted, stained and laminated surface solutions Homag has aligned and expanded its portfolio of coating and laminating technology in recent years.

Homag Sprayteq S-100 series: efficient spray coating solutions                         

This series of spray coating solutions extends from manually operated to fully automated equipment and delivers first-class finished surfaces.  The range includes flatbed spraying systems, spraying robots, stand-alone machines and extensive finishing lines. For ultimate efficiency, these solutions can be equipped with automated workpiece handling concepts and drying technology.

The Sprayteq S-100 series of spray coating solutions are suitable for use with either water or solvent-based paint, or stain coatings. They bring a multitude of benefits to all types of manufacturers that process solid wood or wood-based panels. Worldwide customers include manufacturers of furniture, kitchens, interior fittings, stair components and doors. The competitive advantages that companies gain by deploying Homag’s specialist spray coating equipment include:

  • cost reduction due to economical use of coatings (reduced overspray). 
  • high quality, flawless surface finishes.
  • process consistency thanks to simple settings regardless of the operator (reproducibility).
  • high flexibility with batch size 1 and fast colour changes.
  • 2400 parts finished in a shift.
  • facility space savings – compact machines with small footprints.

TrendPANEL achieved significant benefits with Homag Sprayteq S-100

An excellent example of a customer who has benefitted from Homag’s surface solutions technology is trendPANEL based in Löhne, Germany. It specialises in the production of acoustic and relief panels made from wood and MDF. To optimise the company’s painting process, Eckhard Stallmann has used a Homag Sprayteq S-100 coating machine to paint and stain surfaces automatically since 2018. 

Commenting on the equipment installation and efficiencies achieved, Echhard said “Switching from manual to semi-automated spray painting was child’s play. Setting up the machine and training the employees took just two days. By investing in the Homag machine, trendPANEL has found an effective solution for a high-quality spray application that exceeded our initial expectations. 

The equipment purchase has been deemed a complete success, especially in relation to capacity and costs. With Homag’s Sprayteq S-100 we have attained a 60% reduction in production time and 25% reduction in costs, and that’s a conservative calculation.”

Flexible and smart solutions for laminating 

Laminating is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance in the field of decorative finishing of wood-based panels. 

Today, technical innovations and continuous developments are making laminating a powerful, flexible and reliable finishing procedure. Progress made in using hot-melt glues and in particular reactive PUR is replacing entire generations of glues such as PVA. Improved quality in resistance to moisture and temperature qualify PUR specifically for use as a binding agent between panels and surface films. 

Homag Lamteq F-200 series delivers cost and production efficiencies

Homag laminating systems are suitable for a wide range of applications and can coat materials supplied in rolls or sheets. Customers of these highly dependable laminating systems include woodworking shops, industrial manufacturers, furniture part producers and flooring panel manufacturers.

Thanks to its modularity and flexibility, as well as the diverse application possibilities of PUR adhesives, Homag’s Lamteq F-200 laminating machine, can be integrated into a variety of system concepts. The handling concept allows the machine to be operated with fewer people and saves operators from physically strenuous lifting, carrying and turning of bulky panels. 

The partially automated handling solution consists of a vacuum suction rail in the inlet, an automatic panel turner behind the plant and a stack return. With this solution, the entire workpiece transport can be completed by just one person. Together with an operator for laying up the coating material, the laminating unit is safe and convenient for just two people to operate. 

Furthermore, the optimised part flow increases the productivity of a plant, as walking time and manual parts handling are minimised, enabling the operators to focus on tasks that add value. 

For a demonstration or more information on Homag’s surface solutions, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.