MINIPRESS top is now available in the UK, with even more features to aid all vertical and horizontal drilling operations within a single machine.

Blum launched the first version of MINIPRESS in 1984, but it’s come a long way since then, and the latest version, available in the UK from September is the most versatile yet.

MINIPRESS top means only one machine for all vertical and horizontal drilling operations. The horizontal drilling unit of MINIPRESS top allows precision drilling operations, making it useful for dowels and connectors. Speed and depth have been enhanced, with a new feature whereby, after breaking the drilling surface at high speed to avoid splintering, the drill will slow down to prevent burning, giving a much more precise and cleaner hole.

New features enable fast and accurate handling, helping you optimise the work processes, for more precision, efficiency and quality. Combined with EASYSTICK for dynamic handling of the X and Y axis, the MINIPRESS top is a perfect package for all drilling operations on cabinets, doors and fronts.

Services included

As always with Blum, service is of utmost importance, and the technical team are especially involved in the sales and commissioning process. 

There are a number of set-up requirements, such as a three-phase power supply and pneumatic air-supply, and the technical department will be in touch to ensure everything is in order. 

They are also highly involved in the training process, which although relatively easy is certainly necessary. Someone from the department will accompany the machine and help with set-up and customise the training so the MINIPRESS top is ready for use from day one. 

As the machine is so versatile, it has an optional full suite of swappable heads that allow for different drilling patterns – customers may need additional training which of course Blum is happy to provide free of charge. 

Twelve month, three-year and five-year services are included in the cost of the machine, as Blum recommends that it should be serviced regularly. If used and serviced correctly, the machine should last a lifetime – MINIPRESS version 1s are still in use today.

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