Saviola's Tiger Wood by Saviola - available through Panelco


Stoke-on-Trent based Panelco has recently announced a partnership with Saviola, the eco-ethical Italian company, an incredible group with a circular economy product focus which enables a well-defined eco-friendly manufacturing process that focuses on recycling and upcycling wood-based products. This ethos has been developed into a process that is unique worldwide and allows Saviola to remain the number one for recycling and upcycling wood panels.

The keyword for products designed by Saviola is upcycling, they collect recyclable wood from all over Europe to upcycle it through a process that is eco-friendly but with design at the heart this creates a specialist wooden panel that is 100% recycled and pressed with state of the art paper, texture and impressive designs.

Saviola says that it was the first and only 100% FSC Certified wood-based panel manufacturer, in addition, the company always presents lower formaldehyde emission values than those permitted by E1 Class, making Panelco’s partnership for access to this incredible level of innovative products a clear and easy decision that should prove appealing to a wide variety of sectors across the UK. 

The choice on offer will allow these incredible designs to be utilised in a new and on-trend capacity as well as allowing for a higher standard of traditional applications.

While Saviola may be different to what many will have seen before, the product maintains and presents itself well to traditional uses such as doors and furniture, showcasing deep and realistic textures, lifelike decor design and a well-balanced mix of colours.

These stunning designs and textures are created at a dedicated research facility that provides modern designs that stand out, with high impact marbles, subtle woods and exciting abstracts just to name a few. Saviola have clearly worked hard to develop its texture range which near perfectly mimic the real-life counterpart aiding the design process with perfectly angled shadowing and an incredible feel lending to an almost indistinguishable product from marble, stone or timber.

Panelco has worked closely with Saviola to carefully select 26 decors to stock in the UK as a complete offering with matching edging available from stock; the decors showcase innovation and design and represent some of the best Italian designs available. Each decor has been meticulously and rigorously scrutinised to provide our customers with the widest and highest quality range possible from Saviola.

Saviola is a relatively new range to the UK and provides excellent new opportunities to designers and architects to utilise these incredible design options and outstanding eco-credentials which Panelco is proud to present. To find out more, or to order samples, refer to the to Panelco website, call the company on 01782 392100.