During the past weeks, Ostermann has largely extended its diversity in ABS decor edgings. The range comprises new ABS edgings for about 800 decor surfaces from different board suppliers, delivered from just one metre and in every required width up to 100mm. 

Many companies have presented their trend predictions for interior design on this year’s digital spring fairs, along with corresponding decors, colours, and textures. To sum it up: with wood reproductions, it still comes down to naturalness and realistic textures. In increasingly flexible room concepts, harmonious wood decors are combined with colour-coordinated, sometimes quite striking stone or fantasy decors. 

To give furniture makers as much leeway as possible for designing the trend furniture, Ostermann has extended its range with new ABS edgings for about 800 decor surfaces. Their diverse selection includes wood as well as stone reproductions and fantasy decors with all gloss levels, from matt to high gloss. Find all information by typing in the search item “#Highlights09” on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu

Wood decors – in all forms and facets

New ABS edgings were referenced not only to the generally popular oak decors, but also to many other wooden finishes. Worth mentioning are particularly softwood reproductions, such as spruce or pine. However, there are also new additions among classics such as beech, maple, ash, elm, or mahogany. And since Ostermann’s diversity does not stop with the classics, you will find various ABS edgings for surfaces with a walnut, pear tree, cherry tree or olive look. 

Always a match: stone decors

It has become popular in modern living environments to combine wood finishes with solid-looking stone decors, carefully coordinated in colour. Both natural reproductions and finishes with fantasy elements are popular here. Ostermann provides many ABS edgings with a slate, granite, marble, or limestone look and, for those who prefer special designs, others with concrete, Terrazzo and mosaic effects. 

Imaginative material reproductions

Textile finishes, or those that have the textile look, fulfil a recent trend: they stand for a kind of “new comfort” in our living environments. If you wish to implement this look on furniture, you will find at Ostermann ABS edgings with textile decors. Many have a look of linen. Other than that, roughcast or rust are popular materials for furniture surfaces. Edgings with matching finishes are available for these as well. 

Diversity in terms of haptics

The feel on the narrow surface of a board is becoming an increasingly important aspect, which is why ABS edgings are available with a matching embossing. In addition to matt smooth edgings and variants with a minipearl finish, there are more and more new products with a wood pore embossing, wooden structure, stone finish or textile finish. 

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