TAWI is a market leader in manual handling solutions. The company is proud to claim that it designed the first ever vacuum lifting aid in 1989, and has been constantly innovating new solutions ever since to provide customers with the newest and most reliable technology.

The equipment is highly versatile, with different mounting options and interchangeable feet to allow easy lifting and turning of panels of all shapes and sizes.

Designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, TAWI’s manual handling aids remove 100% of the weight of goods from the operator. This allows them to achieve optimum levels of productivity and precision, in turn reducing production errors and workplace injury.

TAWI’s vacuum lifters easily lift sheets of wood weighing up to 500 kilos. A comfortable and user-friendly control panel makes it easy to keep full control of the load and ensures an ergonomic working position. Sheets can be rotated and tilted up to 180 degrees, making it easy to move doors, panels and other sheet materials.

LG Collection has 40 years’ experience in manufacturing panels in various materials, including wood and laminated panels. After complaints from employees experiencing shoulder and back pain due to repetitive lifting, the decision was made to invest in one TAWI system.

Bjorn Skoglund, production leader at LG Collection, describes how they went from one unit to 20 units, after realising the benefits that they were experiencing through their new investment. “Employees can keep an even pace throughout the whole day without straining their bodies,” says Bjorn. “The amount of sick leave has reduced significantly and employee satisfaction has been noticeably better, as employees can now avoid pain and physical tiredness.”

Andy Longrigg, area sales manager at TAWI UK, states: “we are seeing more enquiries nowadays after a bad accident has happened, or because health and safety requirements are becoming stricter. These accidents are avoidable and by proactively introducing aids such as these, staff injury and stress can be massively reduced.

“We will always ensure that you have the best possible solution for you and your staff, and we offer a free visit to site to discuss your requirements and view the space you and your team are working in.

“Once installed, we have a dedicated aftersales team who will keep the equipment safe and up to date for its lifetime. We value the relationships we build with our customers, and we will make sure you have the full support of the entire team throughout your working relationship with TAWI UK.”

Vacuum lift systems come with many benefits for both businesses and people. A vacuum lifter will almost fully eliminate the weight of any load, making lifting effortless. This improves employee satisfaction and will also save companies from injury-related costs. When lifting is effortless, anyone can lift, resulting in improved workforce flexibility, diversity, and retention.