Everyone loves to give their home a ‘facelift’ every so often, but while it would be lovely to kit a house out with a complete redesign and new furniture, it’s not always an option financially. One way in which a house can be given a new, fresh look is with veneered panels and doors. Quasar’s veneered products are the perfect replacement for solid wood, giving a home the look of natural wood – but at a fraction of the price.

Based in Shivers Business Park in Toomebridge, Quasar’s experienced industry professionals, teamed with a fantastic range of high-quality veneers and veneered panels, means that the company is able to offer top-class solutions and advice in even the most challenging of applications.

“Operating from our brand-new veneer showroom – the only one of its type on the island of Ireland – Quasar enables the most demanding designs and construction projects to become a reality,” says Quasar founder, Alan Dickson.

“Our premier grade veneered panels and doors can be produced to any size or thickness, but while the size and thickness – or combination of core materials may vary from client to client – our customers can be assured of one thing: our panels are produced to order using architectural quality veneers at a top-quality level, while still reflective of affordable price.

“Our products offer the finish of real wood, but have all the advantages of engineered products, particularly in terms of movement due to changes in ambient moisture content. We can supply lyons in any configuration, but can also supply in industry standard sizes.

“The process is standard and simple but is carried out to the highest quality possible. Firstly, the raw boards are calibrated through the sander. While they’re being calibrated, the leaves of veneer are then measured and cut to the required length. Once cut, they then need to be stitched together to the correct width of the board to form a veneer layon.

“When we have the veneer layons stitched and the boards calibrated, they both need to be bonded together. The veneer is then pressed onto the boards, which are both placed into either our Multi Patton Press, which can press up to 2800mm x 1350mm, or into our STD Flat Bed Press, which can press boards up to 3800mm x 1350mm. The panels are then trimmed to remove any excess veneer around the edge of the panel and are then ready to be dispatched.”

While Alan and his team are very proud of the fantastic range of veneers that they offer, including those from global companies such as Mundy and Tabu, he firmly believes that it is the company’s ethos with regard to customer service that is the key to the company’s success.

“Every veneer,” Alan continues, “is given the ‘Quasar treatment’ at every stage of the process. Every veneer is subjected to our perfect attention to detail and crafted into a range of fantastic surfacing and decorative panels that are sure to complement every construction project!

“We are renowned for our ability to react to our customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently, but the speed at which we deliver in no way compromises the quality of what we produce.

“I firmly believe that our team are as important – if not more important on occasion – than the products that we create. Our attention to detail is phenomenal and we make sure that every veneer or veneered product that leaves this building has been given 100% attention to detail.

“We’re proud of what we do and I think that is reflected in the quality of our work,” concludes Alan.