With over 30 years of experience and a reputation for quality, Salvamac has become a market leader with its offer that ranges from portable dust extractors to sleeve or cartridges filters of maximum efficiency, from robust spray booths to customised and complete technological systems.

The Salvamac Air&Painting division saw tremendous growth in 2021 with the move to a new, larger building of 2,500m2 on a total area of 5,000m2.

“We have much more space to increase our production and our stock, but we are also investing in new technologies, such as in a new production system that includes a new, very powerful laser cutting machine and a folding line with fully automatic loading and unloading,” explains Marco Trasente, head of the division. “In particular, the most recent projects and products also confirm Salvamac’s success in extraction systems, especially the high-tech extractors of the ‘SuperDep’ series.

“These special filters are designed and manufactured using the highest technologies. They are very versatile filter groups, which take up little space, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are extremely functional in extracting dust and wood chips.”

On the market for over 30 years, and always oriented towards high-quality products, Salvamac is continuously gaining ground in various markets, with an offer that – remaining faithful to the company philosophy – ranges from filters and dust-extraction to systems for painting booths, and which includes perfect solutions for companies of different sizes and needs.

Christian and Ziemowit, owners of Salvamac Group, add: “Our company plays a key role in safeguarding and protecting the health of workers at the workplace by supplying air filtration plants, painting booths, filtering units and other equipment designed to purify work environments in Italy, the UK and around the world. 

“Our team of consultants and technicians analyse the needs of the individual client, creating the best solution using all the most modern engineering technologies. The production and manufacturing phase is managed with the use of latest generation systems and machinery, selected components and qualified personnel to ensure the high-quality levels of our products.

“For us, collaboration is a way of life: we have always combined technical skills with mutual trust and listening is always the first step, both internally and with customers. Human relationships are fundamental and this is why we offer a fast and efficient assistance service.”

Salvamac Air&Painting integrally designs and builds intake plants and filtration plants for purifying and filtering oily fumes, dust and mist, and a wide range of pollutants found in the air of work environments. Its particular company organisation allows it to have every aspect of the production process under its control, guaranteeing its intake plants and air purification plants from both quality and installation viewpoints through the adoption of choice materials and employment of qualified personnel. 

The experience it has gained over the years in the industrial intake sectors has led it to develop advanced products in order to become a benchmark in the sector within a short time.