When it comes to commercial outfitting, high pressure laminates (HPLs) are undoubtedly a favourable choice for those looking for something outstanding for items such as kitchen doors.

A fantastic range of patterns, colours, designs and textures means that HPLs are able to supply outfitters with a product that combines function and style. Regardless of whether a customer is looking for bright and bold, or sleek and subtle, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

Quasar has noted that compact laminates are particularly popular at the moment, offering the perfect and, perhaps more importantly, the most cost-effective alternative to marble, stone and composite and wood surfaces. 

Over the last year, Quasar customers have been visiting its state-of-the-art showroom at Shivers Business Park in Toomebridge, County Derry/Londonderry, in their droves to source that unique, special HPL that will bring a touch of class and complete functionality to their commercial premises.

“I think the real value of HPL is its versatility,” says Quasar founder, Alan Dickson. “HPL is so versatile, it’s incredible. It suits practically any customer’s choice of style. Whether they’re looking for rustic charm to contemporary elegance, HPL has something for everyone.

“It’s also extremely robust, and this is vitally important when it comes to commercial outfitting. The great thing about HPL is that, although it’s strong, resilient and incredibly robust, it’s also incredibly stylish, so it’s a ‘win-win’ for all concerned!”

Alan is particularly proud of one aspect of the range of HPLs that he offers ... the bespoke range of laminate sheets that are made to order. Not only does this provide the customer with complete control over what they need, but Alan and his specialist team is on hand at all times to provide advice and support.

“Our HPL designs provide customers with a unique and bespoke quality that will suit any commercial project regardless of style and colour palette,” he continues. “As I said, our HPL ranges offer commercial outfitters with a fabulous range of HPLs that are not only stain-resistant, but also add a touch of sophistication, style and, let’s face it, on occasion, ‘glamour’ to any commercial project!

“Indeed, we’ve recently introduced an extended range of HPLs, with 50 different plain colour options in a range of textures; 25 realistic wood grains including both natural wood textures and horizontal grains. When you factor in our 13 on-trend concrete, pattern and metallic designs – all of which can be delivered within 48 hours – you know that you’re on to a winner! 

“Our two sheet sizes offered across most of our range – 2440 x 1200 x 0.8mm and 30350 x 1300 x 0.8mm – mean that there’s a cost-effective option for practically every commercial outfitter who is planning and costing a project.

“All of our HPLs have been designed using a synchronised, revolutionary press process which creates a product that has an outstanding natural look and finish, and we’re extremely proud of the products that we provide to our customers. We’re delighted to say that we can offer a style that meets the needs and specifications of every customer that comes through our door!”

Quasar was particularly delighted to announce recently that the company had introduced another new, exciting range to its veneer offering. 

“Veneered laminates are the latest addition to our ‘veneer stable’,” says Alan. “The range is absolutely fantastic and makes the veneer even more robust and hardwearing.

“Our collection offers 33 patterns that represent a range of the types of wood found in nature. Every pattern is finished to bring out the natural beauty and colour of each type of wood, and there’s also the opportunity to add edgebanding in the same material, thereby generating solutions that stand out in any setting – commercial or domestic. 

“When it comes to either commercial or domestic outfitting, what more could a customer want? Fabulous products, a bespoke range on offer and excellent customer service – at Quasar, we have the complete package to enhance the image, design and versatility of wood!”

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