Virtuoso fabricates and manufactures doors in a large range of styles and finishes to suit every application from its 120,000 square foot factory in the north east of England. 

Virtuoso Doors has experienced significant growth as a company, and has now made a commitment to helping its customers achieve the same kind of growth. The team achieves this by offering market-leading products, ensuring that it stays at the forefront of industry developments and reacts early to any anticipated market changes. 

Nestro® Lufttecknik GmbH from Schkölen in Thuringia, Germany, undertook the challenge to provide a new reliable filter system for the new production facility. The company has been in business for more than 40 years and is known in Europe and beyond for its high-quality products and services.  

For this purpose, Nestro® used an NSJ 11/5-48 vacuum filter consisting of six elements with Jet compressed air cleaning. This filter has a modular structure and can therefore be expanded at any time with additional filter modules and additional fans. The initially installed system, with dimensions of 7,226mm length, 2,827mm width and 12,448mm height, has a total filter area of 804m².

The screw conveyer transports the material to an Atex rotary valve where it is safely discharged. Having passed the EW 90 test, this filter could even be placed up to a metre away from a non-combustible building wall.

The filter is equipped with five high-quality energy-saving negative pressure fans designed for a total air volume >90.000m³/h. “In addition, a pre-assembly chamber ensures that dust and chips fall mainly directly onto the screw conveyer without blocking the filter hoses, which saves energy and compressed air for cleaning,” explains regional sales manager, Martin Duchowski.

“The filter elements are equipped with high quality antistatic filter material where a residual dust content of <0.1 mg / m³ can be guaranteed. So, the air is returned into the building to lower the heating cost. The Return-Air system is as well equipped with an explosion panel for additional security.”

For the customer, the implemented negative pressure system means significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency and noise emissions.

Closed high-performance impellers could be used for the five clean gas fans used. Compared to raw gas fans, up to 30% higher efficiency can be achieved.

The frequency converter used for one of the fans enables the total fan output to be precisely adjusted to the actual air requirement. With a changing simultaneity factor, considerable energy cost savings can be expected compared to conventional controls.

The soft start system prevents current peaks when starting work in production.

A clean gas fan is not subject to wear and tear due because it only transports clean air.

This also means a reduced risk of fire as no metal particles can reach the fan impeller.

To reduce assembly times Nestro® can deliver its filter systems pre-assembled, as was done at Virtuoso Doors. The mounting time is reduced significantly, which makes things easier for the organisation of the build-up.

Founded in 1977, Nestro® Lufttechnik GmbH is one of the largest established European manufacturers of extraction and filter technology products and systems, the downstream heating technology and surface engineering (extraction of grinding dust and paint mist) as well as sorting and disposal technology.

More than 150 employees are engaged in development and production according to individual customer specifications for the woodworking and wood industry, the paper and corrugated industry, the plastics and metal processing as well as for the waste and recycling companies.