Swiss sanding specialist, Kundig AG, has launched an all-new model of wide belt sander designated as the Kundig Perfect.

This new machine sets new standards of automation for those looking to achieve the best quality surface finish, whether it be on solid wood, veneer, or on lacquered or painted surfaces.

The machine is based on the best-selling Brilliant machines, but has been dressed with black gloss polycarbonate for a new, aesthetically pleasing look.

Along with the new look and the renowned solid construction by Kundig, with the fixed bed giving a constant pass line, there are a host of features and options designed to give ease of use for even the most demanding surface finish.

There is also a new tablet-style controller offering more features with in-built information giving advice about the different types of material to be sanded and giving such information as grit size selection and the speed at which the feed and the abrasive should run. This new controller is also Industry 4.0 ready and can therefore be easily integrated into any relevant factory control system.

One of the most important points for which Kundig are already recognised, is the fact that it automates the sanding process as much as possible. With no confusing clocks, dials and switches to adjust, on first glance the control panel may look somewhat minimalistic compared to other manufacturers. However, there are actually two ways to operate the machine, either through the new touchscreen or by the manual control elements which gives direct access to all the machine movements.

The Kundig Perfect also utilises the patented and renowned oblique sanding technique, which puts the last sanding head at a 10-degree angle to the travel of the material being sanded. As has been proven in so many cutting applications, this gives a far superior finish and in the case of sanding, eliminates the snake like oscillation marks – an inherent flaw of straight-line sanding whereby any defect of the abrasive is transmitted directly on to the surface. This system also increases the life of the abrasive whilst giving a less fibrous surface finish.

Other features of the new Kundig Perfect include automated setting of the contact roller to the grit abrasive being used; automatic setting of the machine over the whole width of the material to be sanded; automatic and programmable pressure control for the segments and for sanding the edges; high efficiency vacuum bed, and pivoting control panel for operator comfort.

The Perfect is available in either 1350 or 1600mm working widths and is offered in various combinations, having two or three sanding heads with contact rollers, segmented pads and cross belts. Further options include structure brush, infeed and outfeed tables etc.

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