William Kenyon, technical director at Extractly Limited, puts forward a compelling argument for the energy-saving Ecogate system. 

Ever since Ecogate was launched in the UK the benefits of this energy-saving technology have continued to receive critical acclaim but, with unprecedented increases in industrial energy costs now beginning to bite, and even more uncertainty created by the war in Ukraine, it’s relevance to manufacturers is more pertinent today than ever before. 

As we see and hear every day in the national press, residential electricity costs are expected to have doubled by October, but many factory owners are already having to cope with huge increases in the cost of powering their dust extraction fans. The good news though, whatever your electricity bill is today, an Ecogate installation can reduce by half the amount of energy consumed by a typical extraction system… which means you’ll be saving at least 50% off your electricity bill from day one.

Central to any Ecogate system is its greenBOX controller, and the greenBOX NXT is truly the ‘next generation’ of Ecogate controllers. Suitable for all industrial dust and fume extraction systems, an NXT unit manages up to 32 dampers, and up to three separate lines. In addition, the unit also offers the option of Ecogate Data Analytics; a digital overview of your extraction system is sent to the Ecogate cloud server every 10 seconds and all you need is an internet connection to securely access and view the data on your smartphone or laptop. The system also monitors system status, workstation utilisation, air volume measurements, fan and filter pressures, fan power, energy usage and, of course, energy savings. 

So, in short, if you’re still running extraction fans at full power, all day every day, installing Ecogate today is simply a ‘no-brainer’. Extractly can show you the savings achievable with your system and, with rising energy costs, payback on your capital investment could be less than two years. 

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