Boere’s history begins with Grandpa Boere, who started his workshop in June 1942 as an escape from forced labour in the German war industry. The company was focused on sanding and, 80 years later, has retained this focus, priding itself on its expertise in creating solutions capable of sanding any material to pefection. 

Boere believes that its knowledge about sanding will make the difference, that its customers “do not need machines, they need results”. The knowledge the company has gathered throughout the year has been diligently preserved and passed on through the generations, down to the current third generation of Boeres. 

Though a family business, Boere prides itself on sharing its knowledge with customers, and indeed anyone who represents Boere. Its customers in the UK can rely on Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery for service, new machinery and support. The aim is that Boere sanders will achieve a perfect result, first time round, so that its customers can enjoy a seamless production process.

In its home country of The Netherlands, the most prominent schools for woodworking use Boere sanders. The company teaches and repeatedly train the teachers and the students. In a world in which craftsmanship is a rare commodity, Boere’s mission is to persevere in passing on its knowledge. 

Thousands of Boere sanders across over 50 countries are doing their job today, with small joineries and massive listed companies sharing the same goal: perfection in sanding solutions.