Warm, modern, cosy: skai Perfect Touch – seen here in fjord blue – looks fantastic in rustic interiors


Sleek, emotive, clear – matte surfaces not only lend furniture a timeless elegance, but also harmonise to perfection with wood, stone or metal. The focus is on the naturalness of the materials, which satiates the human longing for cosiness and warmth.

Anything that promises indulgence and added value for the senses has been undergoing a great uplift in emotional value for some time. The furniture industry, too, is addressing this trend. How a piece of furniture looks has long ceased to be the sole factor. Tactile qualities and functional aspects are also vital. Here, matte finishes play a hybrid role, combining design aspects with technical advantages.

In the living area, just as in the kitchen or the bathroom, furniture that invites touch, that has that ‘coming home’ feel – but does not show unsightly fingerprints or annoying reflections – is in demand. Matte surfaces in various degrees of gloss and roughness offer an attractive answer to these diverse requirements.

Timelessly elegant: skai Perfect Solo enriches modern interiors with its deep matte look

So, at this year’s SICAM International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry, Continental presented skai Perfect Solo – a deep matte furniture foil in vinyl quality. Thanks to its innovative staynu technology, this material impresses with excellent surface performance and thus particularly good suitability for everyday use. This is because the solid-colour matte surface features a special anti-fingerprint coating that eliminates the need for tiresome wiping. Moreover, skai Perfect Solo complements its premium quality with highly effective scratch and light resistance, even without a protective film.

If a little less matte is what is required, the soft-matte skai Perfect Touch finish is an alternative that offers convincing performance. This high-quality furniture foil looks neither dull nor pale, but wonderfully warm. Close up, it immediately makes its presence known as a tactile experience. Soft and delicate, its feel confirms its high-grade visual impression, while also offering good chemical, scratch and abrasion resistance. The scope of use for this 3D furniture foil is extremely diverse. In the furniture world, it is a convincing performer as both a solo artist and a team player.

Images © Nobilia