The ABS edging Natural Hamilton Oak minipearl with a width of 23mm was used for the fronts and shelves


Even if we are increasingly seeing different types of wood… oak is still the preferred decor in furniture making. To give carpenters/joiners the widest possible choice when choosing their wood solid surface panels, there are lots of edgings at Ostermann with oak décors. These are all available in stock in numerous standard dimensions suitable for all applications.

Thanks to their timelessly classic appearance, oak décors dominate almost all collections in the industry. The palette of colours ranges from bright, bleached variants, to almost natural honey tones, up to extremely dark styles. What all these décors have in common is the classic streaked grain, sometimes more and sometimes less pronounced.

240 items

As the provider of Europe’s largest range of immediately available edgings, Ostermann is also well-positioned in ABS edgings with oak decor. There are about 240 different items with the dimensions 23 x 1mm here alone. There are also numerous additional standard widths and thicknesses. Which is why anyone looking for their very personal oak favourite should definitely take a look at the Ostermann online shop. All the ABS edgings that are available with oak décors will be shown under the search term “#Highlights03”. If you’re looking for real wood, you’ll also find plenty of wood veneer edgings in oak in the edging specialists’ online shop.

The Ostermann edging Natural Hamilton Oak minipearl in a classic, honey-coloured tone was chosen to design a hotel reception. The edging is used at several points in a variety of widths

23, 33, 43 or 100mm

In addition to choosing the colour, interior fittings are primarily about the variety of dimensions available. To finish entire rooms, colour-matched ABS edgings with different widths are often needed, for example 100mm for the skirting board, 43mm for work surfaces and 23mm for fronts or shelves. This is why most oak decor edgings from Ostermann are available in all four standard widths (23, 33, 43 and 100 mm), and in many cases even in three different thicknesses (0.4, 1 and 2mm). If anyone thinks this variety is not quite enough, at Ostermann they can have a 100mm edging cut in the individually required width.

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