furnipart, a leading manufacturer of designer handles and knobs for kitchen

and bathroom furniture, has just launched its latest collection, News Collection 2024.

Known for its innovative and aesthetically appealing products, the Danish design company has unveiled 13 unique families of handles and knobs. Each product represents the designers’ creative vision and signature style. 

furnipart has a proud tradition of collaborating with both established and innovative designers, and takes great pride in finding designs that fit its design profile while also challenging convention in an inspiring manner. This passion and creative vision are the driving force behind every knob and handle in the News Collection 2024.

The brand’s primary focus this year is on durable designs that stand the test of time and which transcend trends and fashion. This approach reflects furnipart’s commitment to utilising new production methods and sustainable materials to offer quality products that enrich any home with timeless elegance and durability. 

A particular innovation in the News Collection 2024 is the introduction of handles and knobs in exciting colours – a novelty for furnipart. These innovative elements add a dynamic and lively dimension to the collection, allowing for even more individuality and personal style in any decor.

furnipart believes that News Collection 2024 will inspire its customers to create unique and timeless spaces that reflect their personality and style.