Edging specialist, Ostermann, has just launched a new surface finish for extremely matt furniture edgings. Processors can now choose from three qualities – Super Matt, Excellent Matt and the newly-added Perfect Matt finish.

Board suppliers present an increasing number of matt surfaces in their collections. You will soon establish, however, that there are different types of matt. If you place the boards of different manufacturers next to each other, it becomes clear that not only the diversity of colours and decors, but also different versions of matt must be considered.

To present furniture makers with as much choice as possible to find the best solution for the edging, Ostermann has now extended its portfolio of surface finishes. In addition to the existing Super Matt and Excellent Matt versions, Perfect Matt now presents a new option that is even more pleasant to the touch.

17 plain colours are already available with a finish in the new matt quality. Find all new edgings by typing in the search term “#Highlights05” on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu. They are available from stock in 1mm thickness and many widths. All Ostermann ABS edgings can be cut to any required width up to 100mm on request.

Processors working with zero bondline machines can also get their edgings with a functional layer specially made to match the respective technology. 

New finish: Perfect Matt

The new edgings feature a soft and warm matt finish with a uniquely even touch and feel. The surface is non-porous and therefore easy to clean. High scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint properties are obligatory with this variant. Colours range from various shades of white and grey to selected plain colours such as taupe, burgundy, black, green, and blue. 

Classic finish: Excellent Matt

Edgings with an Excellent Matt finish have a dull matt, coarse surface and feature anti-fingerprint properties. They are highly scratch-resistant and the range of colours is even bigger. Also, these come in different thicknesses: 1 and 2mm are available. 

Standard finish: Super Matt

Super matt edgings have a smooth matt standard surface. They are available from Ostermann in a wide range of colours and different thicknesses. Unlike the previously mentioned variants, this one does not have anti-fingerprint properties, which is why the Ostermann experts recommend the super matt surface finish mainly for less exposed elements, such as furniture parts that are rarely touched or come into contact with grease.

Introducing REDOCOL greenline Finish Cleaner Perfect Matt

Surfaces in the furniture industry are becoming increasingly matt. But how do you remove unwanted stains, which will inevitably occur sometimes during installation? With the REDOCOL greenline Finish Cleaner Perfect Matt, Ostermann’s experts have a new and particularly eco-friendly solution. 

Classic cleaners often leave a protective film on the surface. What is desirable for glossy materials and protects against new dirt accumulations often proves to be counterproductive for matt surfaces. With the REDOCOL greenline Finish Cleaner Perfect Matt, Ostermann now offers a cleaner that has been specially developed for matt, super matt and extremely matt surfaces. The ready-to-use product comes in a spray bottle and removes greasy marks and residues of adhesive, dust or dirt without affecting the matt appearance, making it ideal for the final assembly. All information on the new product can also be found under the search term “Perfect Matt Cleaner” on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu. 

Perfect cleaner for all matt surfaces

Many matt and super matt furniture surfaces are now protected from visible fingerprints by modern technologies. Nevertheless, soiling cannot be completely avoided during the final assembly. The environmentally friendly REDOCOL greenline Finish Cleaner Perfect Matt removes this soiling and effectively cleans, for example, ABS and PP edgings without leaving streaks, as well as coated or lacquered wooden boards or compact laminates with matt surfaces. It is also ideal for linoleum surfaces. 

Growth for the REDOCOL greenline Family

The biodegradable cleaner is an important addition to the REDOCOL greenline series. These products focus in particular on environmentally friendly ingredients, ecology and occupational safety. Examples include the versatile workpiece and machine cleaner REDOCOL Teclinex One For All and the solvent-free edging glue REDOCOL greenline Kantol. 

Don’t forget the right cloths

The right cloths for cleaning should not be missing in the assembly vehicle. The Ostermann experts recommend either the evenly woven REDOCOL Soft microfibre cloth or the REDOCOL Strong microfibre cloth with a firm waffle texture. A natural fibre cloth from REDOCOL made from 100% natural fibres is also available. All cloths can be used wet, damp or dry, and are suitable for all common surfaces.