Adkwik realises the hassle of using different adhesives to bond veneer, the need to mix traditional resins to the correct ratio, and the risks with formaldehyde in traditional resins. That’s why the company knew it had to revolutionise the veneering process. With Adkwik’s new single component resin, there is no mixing required, no bleed-through, and no H&S concerns – just consistent flawless results every time. 

Adkwik is renowned for giving its customers outstanding technical support and is always looking to improve their production processes. Over the past year, the company has formulated a product which contains no formaldehyde while, it proudly claims, “outperforming traditional products”. 

According to Adkwik, Ubabond creates a bond “over and above what can be achieved with the traditional resin and hardener mix”. The bond is said to be stronger, as well as faster, with curing times of just 30 seconds.  

Throughout the testing period, Ubabond’s results were highly impressive, with a reduction in press times of over 40%.

Ubabond might not be for everyone, but if a customer wishes to eliminate three issues in particular, it would prove a perfect solution:

Having to mix two part traditional resin and hardeners. The hassle, the time and the issue of inconsistency can all be resolved with Ubabond.

Liquid and powdered traditional resins contain formaldehyde. Ubabond has a formaldehyde-free formulation.

Bleedthrough on open grain veneers and panel distortion. Shrinking panels and bleed-through are common challenges for all of Adkwik’s customers. Finally, it has a solution that will change all of that.

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