Driven by nearly four decades of success and continued growth, Chemique Adhesives, a leading UK manufacturer of industrial adhesives and application equipment, has reached a new milestone and recently moved to a new 1200m² facility.

To optimise storage efficiency, the new unit now serves as a dedicated space for both raw materials and finished goods. Additionally, the installation of new racking systems has created over 700 pallet spaces.

The new storage facility has allowed for extra space to be created in production areas, where newly purchased state-of-the-art mixers have been fitted, significantly increasing the capacity to produce one-part and two-part PU adhesives, structural PUs, hot melts, epoxies, and various water-based formulations.

Chemique Adhesives has always been committed to providing exceptional bonding solutions across a wide range of industries including foam assembly, furniture production, panel lamination, woodworking, automotive, construction, raised access flooring, and more.

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