Shaper Origin has redefined woodworking, offering unparalleled precision and flexibility. The blend of router and CNC is unprecedented, opening up many new possibilities for the trade to optimise workflows.

To capture the impact of the Origin, Shaper is now letting users speak for themselves, sharing their experiences of using this innovative tool in real workshop environments. These stories are designed to inspire and show how the Origin has seamlessly integrated into the creative processes of woodworkers around the world.

Justin Nelson of Fernweh Woodworking – Bend (Oregon) USA

There can be many different reasons why customers decide to purchase Origin: curiosity to get to grips with new technology, the desire for more flexibility with precise work, or the need to carry out certain work steps that were previously not possible for them efficiently.

For Justin Nelson of Fernweh Woodworking, the tool’s blend of digital precision and practical craftsmanship resonated deeply.

Similarly, Gary Banks from Bank’s Carpentry in London was intrigued by Origin’s potential to blend his love for woodworking with digital tools and modern design principles.

Its precise capabilities, user-friendly interface, and the freedom to execute intricate designs without the traditional space and cost constraints of larger CNC machines are compelling factors. Justin explains: “I couldn’t fit a big CNC in here, nor do I really have a need for a big CNC or the money for one, so I was curious about what Origin could do for me.” This sentiment echoes among users like Gary, who have found confidence in tackling complex projects with Origin’s real-time auto-correction features.

Origin has become indispensable, enabling woodworkers to explore new creative frontiers. Whether shaping bespoke furniture, intricate inlays, or custom signage, Origin empowers users like Gary to fulfil unique client demands with precision and efficiency.

Gary Banks of Bank’s Carpentry, London

“We’re all about bespoke – different contours, radii, profiles, and materials. Customers just want something out of the ordinary,” Gary emphasises. “Thanks to Origin’s flexibility and precision, I can do just that, even in my small workshop.”

Beyond its technical capabilities, Shaper Origin embodies a catalyst for innovation and self-expression. Justin values how Origin streamlines his workflow, ensuring each cut meets exacting standards and freeing him to focus on creative aspects. Similarly, Gary appreciates how Origin’s precision and adaptability enable him to deliver bespoke, high-quality work efficiently.