Furniture design software has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, making long-accepted limitations of manufacturing a thing of the past. Consequently, customers have grown accustomed to remarkable levels of flexibility, precision and ease of use – and should settle for nothing less.

To meet these expectations, HOMAG offers a range of innovative software solutions designed to enhance the entire furniture design and production process. SmartWOP and productionManager are two such solutions. Individually, they provide impressive capabilities, but when combined, they can transform an entire operation.  

SmartWOP: The Easy Way to Design Furniture

SmartWOP is a user-friendly CAD/CAM system that simplifies furniture design while offering maximum flexibility. It allows users to design custom furniture using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Individual components can be effortlessly placed into predefined volumes, including special configurations like sloping ceilings or corner cabinets. This flexibility enables users to create a wide variety of furniture designs quickly and efficiently.

Powerful features for intelligent design

SmartWOP’s drag-and-drop functionality means that even users without CAD knowledge can design custom furniture easily. It includes features to simulate door and drawer operations to check for potential collisions with neighbouring components. A comprehensive library of fixtures and connectors from well-known manufacturers is included, and users can also add their own woodWOP components.

Realistic and detailed representations

The software boasts impressive capabilities for realistic furniture visualisation. An integrated material library allows users to apply various panel and edge materials to components, providing a rotatable 3D model that accurately represents the final product. The exploded view function is particularly useful for designing complex pieces of furniture by displaying all individual components separately.

Integrated room planning

SmartWOP extends beyond individual furniture pieces, allowing users to design entire furnishings for rooms such as kitchens and offices. This room planning functionality supports comprehensive interior design projects from individual cabinets to complete living areas.

Unique integration with woodWOP

One of SmartWOP’s standout features is its integration with woodWOP. Users can select parts of a furniture item in SmartWOP and open them directly in woodWOP to add processing steps. These changes are then automatically updated and visualised in SmartWOP. This seamless interaction facilitates efficient design and subsequent CNC production, generating CNC programs that include all processing steps from both SmartWOP and woodWOP.

Direct data transfer to HOMAG apps

SmartWOP generates essential production data, such as CNC programs, parts lists, fixture lists, and technical drawings, at the touch of a button. This data can be directly transferred to HOMAG apps like productionManager and intelliDivide, ensuring that all job details are accessible to all employees involved in the production process.

productionManager: streamlining production management

productionManager is HOMAG’s digital job folder, designed to enhance transparency and efficiency in production processes. It provides a centralised platform where all job-related information, such as parts lists and drawings, can be accessed from anywhere. With productionManager, every employee involved in the production process has up-to-date information at all times and can therefore coordinate with ease on even the most complex manufacturing jobs.

Real-time production updates

productionManager provides real-time updates on the status of each job – and better still, HOMAG machines connected to tapio can automatically report production progress back to productionManager. This reduces the need for manual tracking, and helps ensure that all team members are aware of the current state of production.

Efficient part tracking

productionManager offers comprehensive part tracking capabilities, providing a clear view of where each component is in the production process. Each part is labelled with an individual ID that carries all necessary processing information, ensuring seamless traceability. This functionality helps in quickly identifying the status of each component, which is crucial for meeting delivery deadlines and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Simplified workflow

By replacing paper-based documentation with digital tracking, productionManager simplifies workflow and reduces administrative overhead. This digital approach means that information such as job progress and component locations are updated in real-time and accessible to all relevant personnel, leading to quicker resolution of issues, more efficient production processes, and reduced chances of errors due to miscommunication or lost paperwork.

Ease of implementation and use

Implementing productionManager is straightforward, with the basic version of the product being free of charge. Companies can start using productionManager without immediate financial commitment, and costs only arise when adjusting the number of workstations that utilise the software. This flexibility makes it an attractive option for businesses of various sizes looking to improve their production management.

Integration with other HOMAG tools

productionManager integrates seamlessly with other HOMAG digital solutions, such as SmartWOP and intelliDivide. For instance, data generated in SmartWOP can be transferred directly to productionManager, ensuring that all design and production information is consistent and easily accessible. Additionally, intelliDivide can calculate optimised cutting or nesting patterns, further enhancing production efficiency.

Enhanced customer communication

After placing an order for something large like a piece of furniture, customers typically appreciate being kept in the loop. With poductionManager, sales teams can easily access job status information and provide timely updates to customers. This level of transparency helps build trust and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring that clients are always informed about the progress of their orders.

Continuous improvement and feedback integration

productionManager is continually updated based on user feedback. HOMAG works closely with its users to implement new features and improvements, ensuring that the software evolves to meet the changing needs of the industry. It’s a collaborative approach that ensures productionManager remains a cutting-edge solution for production management.

The dynamic duo

Combining SmartWOP and productionManager provides a comprehensive solution for seamless furniture design and production management. SmartWOP’s intuitive CAD/CAM system allows users to design custom furniture with ease, using drag-and-drop functionality and a robust library of materials and fixtures – and once a design is completed in SmartWOP, the data can be directly transferred to productionManager, where it is organised and tracked throughout the manufacturing process. 

Together, these software solutions streamline the entire workflow from initial design to final assembly, resulting in reduced turnaround times and an increase in overall productivity.

For more information or a demonstration of any of the HOMAG machinery and software, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424.