Talbott’s broad product portfolio provides solutions for all sizes of company ranging from small independent woodworkers to larger manufacturing facilities. The Talbott manual-fed space heating units – ideal for off-cuts of general wood waste, MDF and chipboard – are a simple, cost-effective option for small- to medium-sized workshops with a payback on the equipment normally within 12 months. 

Following decades of product improvement, the recently-upgraded Talbott manual-fed units boast a multiple pass heat exchange to aid clean combustion, 8mm rolled steel, two inch curved tongue and groove ceramics with stainless steel reinforcement to allow for temperature fluctuation, along with high-powered fans to distribute the warm air and protect the heating system. All units are British made with exemption for use within smoke control areas without the need for an afterburner. 

As Talbott’s has a dedicated operations and contracts department, along with stock specifically allocated for the busy autumn/winter heating season, it is also able to offer a quick turnaround on supply and installation. The company can provide packages that include Hetas-approved flue design along with installation or supply only. The Talbott T and 150-CMH ranges of manual units are amongst the most popular available in the marketplace where customers quite often install multiples to provide heat to individual units or specific areas within their workshops.

Talbott’s also offers fully automated solutions that can utilise extracted sawdust and shredded general wood waste, MDF and chipboard. These are available as direct warm air space heating systems or boilers that are eligible for the Government’s renewable heat incentive (RHI). 

Since 2011 when the RHI scheme first came into action, a number of its customers has upgraded to take advantage – to which those that have made this investment will receive a tariff for each kW of heat produced with payments made quarterly each year for 20 years.

This scheme along, with savings achieved from deferring wood waste from landfill and oil or gas costs, helps free up cash for investment back into woodworking or furniture manufacturing businesses. Talbott’s has assisted many of its customers to become accredited to the scheme with a good number due to do the same. Talbott’s is able to offer the full turnkey project working alongside industry specialists in pipework, dust extraction and metering design. 

Hills Panel Products, based in Oldham, has 950kW and 600kW Talbott C range boilers using wood waste derived from its manufacturing process to provide heat for two factory units. The two boilers were supplied with pipework, RHI-compliant metering and dust extraction modifications by Air Plants Dust Extraction of Leicester, through its heat and dust extraction divisions.

Both comapnies were accredited separately by Ofgem, which administers the RHI scheme, with dedicated support from Talbott’s. Hills Panel Products  is one among many customers opting for a Talbott, where it is either replacing alternative brands of equipment or upgrading to ensure maximum efficiency, low emissions and reliability.

Another case in point is Heartbeat, based in the centre of the Midlands, which designs, produces and installs creative retail environments for leading global brands. Heartbeat has been installing Talbott’s heating systems since 2008.

The company has been established for over 60 years and as part of its environmentally-conscious attitude and forward thinking has enjoyed the benefits provided by its continued investment.

Heartbeat has over 100,000ft2 of in-house manufacturing space, and combined with a global production network, it has the capabilities, expertise and vision to both design and produce profile-elevating retail experiences from concept to completion.

It first invested in a fully automatic Talbott TMA 300kW warm air space heater which is designed to utilise dust and shavings from its manufacturing process. With the addition of an Untha LR700 shredder, its waste wood off-cuts were also processed and utilised as a fuel.

Charles Stubbings of Heartbeat comments: “We previously had installed another shredding machine from an alternative supplier but the machine took a long time to empty the hopper, which was costly to run and maintain. Since we changed to the Untha, the machine processes eight tonnes per week in only six hours.”

The Heartbeat site operates on various isolated buildings previously heated by gas heaters. With the expansion of the business the company started to generate more wood waste than they needed to heat the main workshop and decided to discuss the various options with Talbott’s. In 2011 it trialled a simple, manual-fed solution in one of its assembly factories. The Talbott T150 was an instant success so they removed the gas heater and saved over £2500  on gas alone over the first winter. Heartbeat also saved a further £4000 by eliminating its skip costs. 

Once it had seen the savings and witnessed how simple the Talbott T range was to operate, Heartbeat soon saw the benefits and decided to invest into a further Talbott machine. Heartbeat again looked at various suppliers and the company opted for a Talbott T300 which resulted in further gas and waste savings. Recently installed this summer, the company has now invested into a further three units. Heartbeat will be adding over £15,000 to the bottom line of its business with this latest investment. Taking into account all the units combined Heartybeat is saving an impressive £70,000-plus per year.

Charles Stubbings comments: “Talbott’s honest advice and after-sales service gave us the confidence to keep investing into their products. The Talbott units are robust and simple to operate with cost-effective servicing provided directly from the manufacturer.

“We are also looking at further investment with the benefit of the renewable heat incentive to increase our green credentials. We would highly recommend Talbott’s to any company looking to eliminate their wood waste and heating costs!” 

Talbott’s itself is based in the Midlands and it offers a wide range of biomass and wood waste energy solutions proven over many years. Its units are exempt appliances for use within smoke control areas without the need for an afterburner and can even meet more stringent air quality regulations where they have been installed in local air quality management areas.

The company offers a comprehensive service from planning, funding, grants and incentives to design, supply, installation and after sales servicing. There are options to take out comprehensive service contracts or one-off services to suit the end user requirements. 

Amy Fielding, commercial director for Talbott’s comments: “With a proven track record since the mid-70s and a customer base that continually repeats business with us, we are proud of our products,our brand and very excited about new developments in the pipeline.”