The Ambition edgebanders feature a top pressure beam made of steel with double V-belt which forms the basis for outstanding quality. This ensures that workpieces are always securely clamped for processing.

The machines also come with all the trimming tools complete with the I-system for optimum chip disposal and processing quality. Customers can choose steplessly-adjustable performance levels to meet individual production demands, 16-20m/min, 16-25m/min or 16-30m/min for high productivity.

Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK comments: “The latest Ambition models offer a high level of equipment as standard, however, to cover all eventualities Homag has also included a free space. This enables customers to extend the machines with additional processing units such as grooving or belt sanding.

“We are finding the new Ambition edgebanders are particularly attractive to quality furniture manufacturers who have high volumes of bespoke work to process. The Ambition models provide enormous flexibility through their capacity to process all types of materials whilst the reliability and robust nature of the design provide real peace of mind.”

Improving productivity at Stoneham Kitchens with the Ambition 2474
“We have a long history of dealing with Homag,” explains Mike Stoneham, a director at Stoneham plc. He continues: “So when it came to replacing our ageing edgebander, Homag UK was our first port of call. To ensure we got the exact specification we wanted for the new machine, Charles Smith, Homag UK’s area manager, invited my brother and I out to the Homag Treff show in Germany. 

“It was really useful to be able to go from machine to machine picking the units we required on our edgebander. By walking around and seeing all the different machines in action we were able to piece together the exact specification for our needs.

“It became apparent that this new Ambition 2474 would not only replace the old Homag edgebander but also make redundant the Brandt machine we had. This was a real plus because it meant we could free up much-needed space in our mill facility and reduce the labour required for this work cell.”

High quality increased productivity with no hand finishing required
“The Ambition comes with a lot of units as standard, but it has been designed in such a way that you can extend the capabilities of the machine to match your specific production requirements.

“Our machine has a host of features including a pre-milling unit, two quick-melt glue pots so we can glue in different colours and cleaning units front and rear with an anti-static unit half way down the machine to make sure debris doesn’t stick to the panels.

“Because we use an amount of solid timber lipping as well as PVC, it also features an up-graded heavy-duty snipping unit. It then has rough and profile trimming units with different radii and bevels, followed by scraper units and various cleaning buffers and a cleaning unit at the end as well.

“We have also added a Boomerang ZHR 05 return system to the machine. This enables the edgebander to be easily operated by one person, freeing-up a junior team member who has now become a trainee cabinetmaker. The return system has significantly increased the throughput of the machine as one person now controls everything. He is able to start set-up for different edging, profiling or thicknesses as soon as he has fed the last part into the edgebander.

“The finishing of the Ambition is first class and when work comes off the machine we never have to do any hand finishing. We have paired it with a Weeke BHX 055 CNC drilling machine and they work perfectly together as a work cell for the high volume bespoke work we do.”

Easy to use, robust and reliable
“The operators love the Ambition 2474; it’s very stress free to use with the powerTouch control screen. They find it so much easier than navigating with a keyboard and mouse. Also, the cleaning units not only keep the workpieces clean, but they also prevent the machine itself from getting too dirty. In turn, that helps minimise any downtime required for maintenance.

Overall, because of its speed of set-up and ease of use, we have been able to reduce our machine inventory by one, giving us more space to work with whilst at the same time processing more individual parts,” concludes Mike Stoneham.

To arrange a demonstration of any of the new Homag Ambition edgebanders, call Karen Payen at Homag UK.

T 1332 856500