Architectural joinery specialist Jeld-Wen is manufacturing timber windows, patio door frames and staircases at Melton Mowbray on a new layout at the factory and to link major joinery plant in line with Jeld-Wen management’s very high standards of waste management.

Jeld-Wen is a world-class architectural joinery manufacturer seeking optimal energy efficiency and air quality in a new round-the-clock working environment. As one of Britain’s most forward thinking users of sustainable timber, Jeld-Wen management is also dedicated to optimal waste management and recycling efficiency and the maximisation of waste as a valuable bio-fuel resource.

The old high-volume throughput working techniques of the 20th century are gone now at Jeld-Wen. They are increasingly manufacturing bespoke these days, or making ever smaller batch sizes, and are continually investing in more flexible machinery. Management is committed to maximisation of resources whenever and wherever it can, including working on a new 24 hour cycle.

Dustraction’s Steve Matuska says: “At this project there are three main duct runs, each measuring a 1000mm in diameter and running externally for around 40 meters before entering the main building, at which point they disperse to pick up at an ever increasing variety of machines. The new cyclo-filter is our largest range model; the whole set-up is now a Class A balanced, quiet and efficient layout for rigid, vibration-free operation in order to shift around 14 tons of wood waste daily at upwards of 160,000m³/hr.

Waste is transported by three Dustrax No. 66 heavy-duty paddle-blade, vee-belt driven fans powered by 110kW motors and each incorporating a control panel with periodic soft starts to dislodge cake waste from the large capacity filter sleeves; these sleeves are circular to prevent excessive build up. Waste is then discharged directly to two 40ft trailers for recycling.

Manufactured at their Oadby, Leicestershire, factory, cyclo-filters are big business for Dustraction. With 95% cyclone separation of large particulate matter before even reaching the filters and involving no moving parts, cyclo-filters are virtually zero maintenance and are guaranteed for 6,000 hours operation – or for three years of continuous, round-the-clock use.

Emissions are guaranteed at or below 0.2mg/m3 using tubular filters in heavy filter-fabric and reducing the risk of bridging and blocking through caked dust. Cleaning is by pulsed jets of compressed air; Dustraction’s filter tubes are cleaned automatically and boast collection efficiencies of 99.99% enabling full recirculation of filtered air back into the factory environment.

Dustraction’s reverse air pulsing mechanism ensures superior collection efficiency and is used throughout many industrial sectors where heavy dust burdens are handled on a continuous basis. The system is low in energy use, high in filtration efficiency and designed for 24/7 operation.

The Jeld-Wen legend began in Oregon in the United States in 1960 and the Group now employs 20,000 people worldwide; the UK company is Britain’s number one manufacturer of key architectural joinery products. Jeld-Wen incorporates the John Carr and Boulton & Paul brands and the Group is operating from five factories across the UK.

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