He can help customers with the entire project, from start to finish, including the designing, the making and the fitting and can create any CAD drawings that are required.

In March 2016, Luke purchased a Felder K4 Perform and a Hammer A3-31 planer thicknesser.

“I used to pay for someone else to cut wood for me, having my own machine not only saves me time but within a year it had paid for itself. I love the scoring blade on the panel saw, I do a lot of kitchens and use a lot of melamine, it helps to keep a nice clean cut.”

When asked about his planer, Luke says: “The best thing about it is the silent power cutterblock. I’ve used it for a year and have not had to change the blade once and am still getting a really clean finish which is brilliant. On those figures I will have another three years, that is one set of blades. That is perfect really.”

Service was a key part of Luke’s decision to buy machines from the Felder Group UK. He says: “I chose Felder because of the service, I don’t have time for stress or to worry about certain things, I need to worry about my business. Felder being relaxed and coming to me telling me what I needed to know, when I needed to know it, made my life easier. I didn’t need to have that concern in the back of my mind.”

He continues: “The whole service was amazing, the entire process was comforting, them making my life a bit easier freed up my time.”