Technology without the requisite software is effectively power without control. Masterwood’s package of software options covers all major manufacturing scenarios.

Back in the 1980s Masterwood Spa started to develop its own CAD/CAM software to drive the company’s then DOS-based CNC machines. By early 2000 the software had developed into MasterWorks, a package that is still in use on most of the Masterwood machines around the world today. It is quick and easy to use, has no fancy gimmicks and does what it says.

Due to the success of providing this package with the machines, saving the customer time and money by not having to go out and resource third party software, Masterwood introduced a policy of developing software packages to cover all major manufacturing using its own software house and several leading suppliers under license.

Today, Masterwood can offer any customer a full package of CNC plus programming and operating software, all fully compatible, and from one shop. On top of this, a customer can add any of the software packages at a later date if their own manufacturing requirements change.

The growing range of software now includes:

– MasterWorks: The main CAD/CAM software for quick and easy programming for router, saw and drills, allows DXF files to be imported;

– Master 3D: Three new levels of CAD/CAM software that allows the customer to take programming to a new level. The packages are designed for three-, four-, and five-axis machines and cover a wide variety of work like complete products, individual components, 3D carvings and pictures, shaped work, and decorative panels. Various drawing formats can be imported;

– MasterMulti-Positioning: Allows multiple programs from the Masterwood software packages to be loaded on the machine bed and optimised into one large program;

– Masterwood Stair: Very versatile software that allows quick designing of just about any shape of staircase in minutes, including winders, landings, cut string, open stairs, plus curved strings. A quotation package is also available;

– MasterWindow: Allows the design and full production of any type or shape of window, producing cutting sheets and all machine programs. An option for adding in ironmongery is available;

– MasterSlidingSash: A standalone or add-on for MasterWindow which allows the design of pulley or spiral balance type boxes. Gives cutting sheets and all CAM program;

– MasterDoor: A new and more powerful edition that allows doors and frames to be fully designed with a full range of shapes and joints, but can also be changed to a solid door with plant-on moulds to achieve the same effects. Options for ironmongery and quotations can be added.

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