When Brunton Joinery in Ireland, invested in a Biesse Rover K CNC machining centre, the company had no idea that the future direction of the business would take Brunton Joinery to the heights and success at which it now operates.

Established in 1969 by John Brunton, Brunton Joinery is a traditional joinery company, priding itself in the manufacture of quality, bespoke bedroom furniture as well as doors and windows.

John’s son, Stephen, who now runs the company, explains: “We had a contract to supply MDF desk tops, which we produced using a template for hand routing and then also finishing by hand. It used to take us two weeks to manufacture around 84 desk tops, so we decided to buy the Rover K CNC machine to help to automate the process.

“The change has been amazing. We now produce those same desk tops in just three days. We’ve also found that using high quality diamond tools has reduced the finishing time by 50%, so just on that product alone, it’s been a great success.”

However, the main benefit for the company was still to come.

Stephen continues: “We’ve previously made a few door sets, again mainly by hand and we won a contract to supply a major building contractor. We couldn’t have met the timescales without the Rover K. For example, it used to take about 22 minutes to chisel out a mortise lock. It now takes two minutes and 14 seconds to machine out the lock and hinges!

“We’ve now won additional contracts to supply door sets in the new build market, for the domestic housing, commercial property and education sectors and the Rover K will pay for itself within the first year, which is a remarkable achievement.”

Stephen’s son Nicky, who is now responsible for this side of the business explains: “It was a massive leap of faith for us, but our business needed to progress and the Rover K has given us the speed, accuracy and consistency which is required to win these major contracts.

“We chose Biesse due to their reputation for precision and reliability. We purchased the machine through Maginn Machinery, who we’ve worked with for over 40 years and they helped us to spec the machine properly.

“For instance, we included the option of ‘set-up assist’, which saves us a lot of time and is much safer as you can’t put the pods in the wrong place.

“Also the service and back-up from Maginn is fantastic, they’ve never let us down. We trust them to always provide a solution should anything go wrong.”

So, from those humble beginnings of MDF desktops to the high volume manufacture of door sets, the Rover K has been instrumental in helping to deliver success for John, Stephen and Nicky Brunton.

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Stephen and Nicky Brunton with the Rover K