With the help of multiple eT-Gripper suction boxes, vacuum specialist Eurotech helped solve the material handling problems of Rettenmeier Tatra Timber, the Slovak branch of Rettenmeier Holding. Rettenmeier is a leading, innovative, market-oriented company in the wood-processing industry.

When the Rettenmeier plant in Slovakia encountered problems in handling its glued panels with multiple portals, the company decided to upgrade its existing vacuum components to products by Eurotech Vertriebs. Before the upgrade, the panels were transported by steel vacuum-lifting frame with suction plates, but this set-up no longer met the requirements of the new Rettenmeier products. 

Jaroslav Pudiš, plant manager at Rettenmeier, contacted Eurotech. The German-based company offered Jaroslav its eT-Gripper suction boxes with aluminium vacuum-lifting frames, instead of the previously used suction plates, for two portals.

“Our offer seemed to meet our client’s requirements exactly,” Michal Mikláš, area sales manager at Eurotech, recalls. He is responsible for Rettenmeier in Slovakia.

Eurotech Vertriebs’ eT-Gripper – the right solution for Rettenmeier Tatra Timber

“After we proposed to supply suction boxes for two portals, Rettenmeier promptly increased their order to three portals. The vacuum-lifting frames with our suction boxes were delivered soon after.” Rettenmeier carried out the conversion of the portals to support the new vacuum-lifting frame.

“We have been very satisfied with the new vacuum-lifting frame,” Jaroslav comments, “so we recommended the solution to our other branches, too.” 

Michal recounts: “Not long afterwards, we received the order for additional portals to be equipped with our eT-Grippers on complete vacuum-lifting frames. This could be a solid basis for a continued collaboration over the course of the coming years.”

The Eurotech eT-Gripper suction boxes are used to process panels made of wood, metal, ceramics and other materials whose surface tends to be covered in dust, sawdust, packaging supports or bark residues, which is beyond the capacities of suction plates. 

The eT-Gripper suction boxes have an adaptable suction mat, making them ideal for such cases. The suction mat creates a vacuum-tight connection between the load and the suction box by sealing the rough surface of the load while offsetting its level differences. This makes the devices particularly suitable for use in sawmills and the timber and furniture industry.

Thanks to the modular design of the low-maintenance eT-Grippers, all components are easily accessible. The suction boxes, which are built from material-efficient light metal profiles, can be opened and cleaned with little effort. This increases their service life and ensures hygienic, clean lifting. 

High-quality materials, workmanship and technology ensure reliability and a long service life – and the Eurotech suction boxes are particularly efficient when handling tools, thanks to their clear, modular structure, low wear rates and small number of individual components.

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