A specialist in the manufacture of bespoke cabinetry, worktops, furniture, and retail shopfitting products, Shopfit UK has been a family run business for over twenty years. The company, based in Hull, specialises in providing personalised solutions for their clients spanning the residential and commercial sectors of the woodworking industry.

For two decades, their work has been consistent and similar in scope, but recently they have recognised the need to diversify and expand into new markets to effectively grow their business.

Last year, owner John Fallowfield and his team agreed that to achieve their goals, they needed to overhaul their processes and upgrade their technology. Their upgrade included an additional CNC machine and software from Microvellum, an AutoCAD-based platform for design, drafting, project costing, engineering, and manufacturing. According to John, the software is well-suited for manufacturers that need to build beyond simple cabinetry.

“The CAM solution we have used for years has worked for our basic needs, but it does not provide us with the automation nor the capabilities that we need to support our future growth plans.”, commented John. “We needed software that could help us modernize our workflows and simplify the design and engineering processes for the complex products typically found outside our current markets.”

Shopfit UK is currently laying the groundwork for their expansion into laboratory, healthcare, and office interiors markets. Part of this expansion includes the development of new parametric products designed within Microvellum that will enable their team to quickly configure products that meet simple to complex project design specifications. 

The CADCAM solution from Microvellum also includes tools for 3D modeling and one-off product creation that will enable Shopfit UK to engineer and manufacture other intricate products such as reception areas, storage systems, and other bespoke joinery.

Shopfit UK also offers a variety of services including CNC machining, a full spray and polish service, as well as other aspects of bespoke joinery. Their recent machinery purchase, a Morbidelli cx220 from SCM, was added to complement Microvellum and includes a Lamello cutter and Blum head. 

John goes on to describe their transformation: “We have the power to design and engineer what we want. And when it comes to manufacture our products, CNC programs can be generated for every part within any project automatically right from our Microvellum software. Not only that, but the system is also setup to intelligently direct CNC programs for specific parts to any machine on our production floor.”

In addition to the Morbidelli cx220, John’s factory is also equipped with an SCM Record 121 and Record 125 nesting machine and a Biesse Sector 470 beam saw. 

“This investment, combined with the support from Microvellum’s UK-based team, has equipped us with the tools and confidence to tackle any project, in any market, no matter the complexity.”, concluded John.

Shopfit UK is one of two businesses owned by John Fallowfield. The second, MIPOD, is a market leader producing commercial glamping pods and shepherds’ huts for holiday and caravan parks throughout the UK. According to John, plans for extending their Microvellum solution into this business are already underway – having set a long-term goal of bringing the entire glamping pod construction, including the framing, interior components, and cabinetry into Microvellum as CNC-ready, parametric products.