Homag’s powerful CNC software guarantees effortless and efficient programming


Homag’s woodWOP CNC software has become known as one of the best and most popular machine programming systems for CNC machines globally. Not only are there over 80,000 satisfied customers worldwide, but also countless schools now use woodWOP as a teaching aid for CNC programming.

The system combines workshop-oriented programming (WOP), CAD and CAM into a single software program. It makes machine orientated programming really easy and cost-effective thanks to its large three-dimensional graphical displays. 

3D views support processing operations

The woodWOP system permits close to realistic depiction of processing operations guaranteeing excellent programming reliability. To help control, continuous monitoring during program generation can also be undertaken. 

All working planes are graphically displayed in 3D including the workpiece, processing steps and clamping equipment. Trimming, boreholes and saw cuts can be programmed quickly and easily by entering the processing parameters and can then be checked immediately in the graphics area. 

A great solution for small to medium manufacturers

Capable of driving three, four and five-axis CNC machines, woodWOP software is an extremely beneficial solution for small to medium sized manufacturers where operators need to run multiple machines.  

Throughout the software program, the emphasis is very much on substantially simplifying its use. For example, different view modes such as transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque make for more easily manageable programming and simplify control of the suction cup positions. 

The process of entering parameters into the standardised processing dialogues is also easy, with self-explanatory symbols in the input masks and the use of additional graphic prompts.

Simon Brooks, Homag UK’s managing director explains why the woodWOP three-dimensional graphical displays improve operators’ insight and control.

“The focus of the woodWOP user interface is the large graphic area containing a three-dimensional view of the workpiece. It can be rotated, zoomed and shifted, as well as being displayed in up to three different views simultaneously, giving the operator an improved visual understanding and better control of the job. 

“The graphics are designed to enable interactive working; for instance, contours are created by clicking the mouse onto a background grid. For each processing operation, there is a dedicated application which allows, for example, trimming and boring operations or saw cuts to be quickly programmed simply by entering the processing parameters.”

Software system training 

The woodWOP software system is simple and easy for operators to learn. Online training courses and webinars are available on the Homag website. Homag is also committed to providing specialist operator training on-site at a customer’s premises or at the Homag ACADEMY which has locations in 22 countries including the UK.  

Software forum connects users

The Homag Software forum allows all woodWOP users to connect and discuss CNC production. Users from all areas of the furniture and woodworking industry can join and follow posts discussing the software.  The forum is also a great way to obtain the manufacturer’s answers to specific queries, and for real-life software users to share their tips and experiences. Users can subscribe to forum topics, so they need never worry about missing a thread reply.

A trial version of the woodWOP software is free to download from Homag’s website.

For a demonstration or more information on Homag’s software or machinery, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.