Intelligent use of multi-spindle aggregates minimises cycle times, and maximises both flexibility and productivity


A new range of CNC Door Lines in the form of a multi-axis universal five-axis machining centres have been introduced by the German specialised machinery manufacturer MAKA.

The latest model in Maka’s new STB-series are developed in close cooperation with customers in the commercial door industry to meet many of the highly demanding challenges they face today.

Maka’s unique transport, aligning and clamping table is specially designed for large and small doors, with or without windows or other apertures

The STB-FLEX is designed for higher speed and capacity mainly, but by addressing the specific demands this new door line achieves the following:

  • Greater flexibility for different door hardware
  • Greater flexibility for different door designs and surfaces
  • Less programming
  • Faster setting
  • Lower manning
  • Smaller footprint
  • Higher capacity
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Improved dust and waste management
  • Lower maintenance
  • Compatible with robotics
  • Greater reliability and resilience

The STB-FLEX is designed for machining contract doors, requiring a wide variety of processes (seals, closures, lights, as well and locks and hinges), with ever varying batch sizes, and an even wider variety of hardware types and sizes.

The STB-Flex combines the benefits of the Universal five-axis CNC router, with the thru-feed, self-setting automatic table. The result is a compact Industry 4.0 manufacturing cell, connected directly to the user’s network for planning, processing and producing orders rapidly.


The Flex minimises reliance on labour, and reduces costs without compromising quality or reliability.

The complete line is unashamedly heavy-duty, incorporating the highest quality components, to provide a system design not to fail, and built for life.  As such, the Maka will provide users with manufacturing resilience long-term.

The FLEX can machine all five sides, and internally. Productivity is achieved by a variety of novel innovations, most notably Maka’s auto-clamping through-feed table.

Doors enter the machining area where the locks, hinges, profiles and grooves can all be machined externally, but also windows and offcuts can be machined inside the door too. Normally the presence of any offcut prevents this, but with the FLEX, offcuts are lowered, and frames raised, separating apertures and frames so they can be machined independently.  Offcuts are separated and removed too.  Even more novel, the transport works at different levels (below the line), saving time and space.

Combining five-axis profiling with through-feed edge processing, Maka’s STB-FLEX delivers ultimate flexibility, with non-stop high-volume through-feed door production

Maka’s powerful and fast five-axis head undertakes each process efficiently with minimal non-productive time. Not only are tool change times short, multiple aggregates are employed to eliminate tool changes entirely.The line can be fed manually, or automatically wholly unmanned.

Depending on the operations required, the STB-FLEX can instantly process each door efficiently one after the next, thus maximising productivity. The risk of setting errors is also eliminated, thus guaranteeing consistent quality manufacturing.

Joint managing director, Iain Young, states: “Maka’s philosophy is to provide high-quality, robust and reliable manufacturing systems, built for life. The whole team is dedicated to supplying enhanced solutions for specific applications. The STB-FLEX is a uniquely efficient and productive Industry 4.0 manufacturing cell designed to meet the most demanding challenges facing door manufacturers today.  Thereby the FLEX offers a future-proof investment for the commercial door manufacturer.”

Images © Maka