Established in 1995, SAM Cases has evolved into a prominent player in the field of flight case manufacturing. Founded by a team of qualified professionals with a deep understanding of packaging and delicate equipment transportation, the company quickly gained recognition for its commitment to quality and innovation. 

Specialising in packaging and transporting fragile equipment, the company boasts an impressive client roster including renowned names such as BBC, Dyson, Chelsea Football Club, LG Electronics, Aardman Animation, Procter and Gamble, BT, the MOD, and various other organisations. SAM Cases is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest standards of protection and security.

Throughout its journey, SAM Cases consistently incorporated the latest technology and materials into its products. This dedication to innovation became evident in the range of offerings, from sample and demonstration cases to tough and rugged transit/flight cases. The company embraced waterproof options, integrating renowned case ranges such as Peli, Explorer, Peli Air, Peli Storm, and Peli-Hardigg.

AXYZ machine adoption

Since 2009, SAM Cases has been utilising AXYZ machines, starting with the purchase of their first machine. Recognising the efficiency and reliability of AXYZ technology, SAM Cases expanded its capacity by adding a second machine within a few short years. 

In 2023, the company took another leap forward, investing in two brand new AXYZ Infinite series machines equipped with multiple heads. This strategic move aimed to enhance production capacity, reduce machining time, and leverage the latest advancements in CNC technology.

The INFINITE router is a highly configurable CNC machine that is suitable for one-off, small batch production as well as high volume and high productivity applications, including woodworking, plastic fabrication, engineered plastic machining and so much more. For a wide range of routing operations, one can choose from high-speed spindles ranging from 5HP to 15HP. For knife cutting, choose from a tangential knife, which can be used for creasing and folding applications or an oscillating knife which can be used to process soft goods material.

AXYZ as the preferred supplier

AXYZ became SAM Cases’ preferred machine supplier in 2009 and continues to hold that position. “The decision to choose AXYZ as the preferred machine supplier was not only a strategic one, but the choice was also influenced by recommendations from other manufacturers in the industry,” says Mathew Addy, Technical Director.

SAM Cases serves diverse industries worldwide, producing high-quality packaging with no limitations. They are recognised for offering top-notch foam inserts, a testament to the quality of AXYZ machines. AXYZ machines at SAM Cases handle the production of custom foam inserts and cutting various plastics used in packaging manufacture. They recently created their first 3D foam insert with a rounded bottom pocket for a Rolls Royce project.

Impact on productivity and efficiency

The implementation of AXYZ machines has significantly enhanced productivity and efficiency at SAM Cases. “The inclusion of an oscillating knife on one of the machines has resulted in a cleaner and faster cut with minimal mess, improving lead times for certain projects, enhancing overall operational efficiency,” continues Mathew.

Bringing CNC manufacturing in-house has empowered SAM Cases to control and enhance the quality of their products, establishing them as leaders in the industry. Prior to the adoption of AXYZ machines, the company relied on external manufacturers for foam inserts, limiting their ability to control product quality. Since the integration of AXYZ technology, SAM Cases has achieved unparalleled control over the quality of their products, setting industry benchmarks.

Initial challenges and solutions

The initial challenges faced by SAM Cases during the integration of AXYZ machines revolved around finding adequate space and addressing power and air requirements. AXYZ responded with comprehensive documentation detailing space requirements and power ratings. The successful resolution of these challenges for the first machine paved the way for the seamless integration of the second machine, highlighting the collaborative partnership between AXYZ and SAM Cases.

Cost savings and profitability

While cost savings primarily stem from avoiding markup on outsourced foam inserts, the overall streamlining of operations through AXYZ machines has contributed to enhanced profitability. The CNC technology allows SAM Cases to have greater control over their production processes, resulting in a more cost-effective and efficient operation.

Workforce and skill requirements

Employees at SAM Cases welcomed the introduction of automation in their workflow. The presence of AXYZ CNC machines has not only increased efficiency but also allowed employees to focus on more intricate manual tasks, fostering job satisfaction and a positive work environment.

While there is a learning curve for programming, SAM Cases has grown its workforce to meet the increased demand since the initial machine purchase. The user-friendly nature of the AXYZ control system makes it accessible to all staff members. 

Maintenance and smooth operation

Ensuring the maintenance and smooth operation of AXYZ machines is crucial for SAM Cases. Recognising the impact of downtime on their workshop schedule, the company emphasises the importance of AXYZ service contracts, ensuring that the machines are consistently maintained at peak performance levels.

Future plans for automation

Looking ahead, SAM Cases envisions further integration of automation into their processes. Plans include the acquisition of another machine, housed in a separate facility, to process rigid plastics and wood. This strategic move aims to enhance yet another aspect of SAM Cases’ production capabilities, showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

In conclusion, SAM Cases’ partnership with AXYZ has been pivotal in elevating their precision and efficiency, establishing them as a leader in the competitive world of flight case manufacturing. The commitment to quality and continuous improvement is evident in their successful integration of AXYZ CNC routers into their operations. The symbiotic relationship between SAM Cases and AXYZ has not only withstood the test of time but has propelled the company to new heights in packaging precision. The adoption of AXYZ CNC routers has been a cornerstone in SAM Cases’ journey of excellence, setting them apart as industry leaders and paving the way for future advancements in automation and efficiency. 

SAM Cases continues to be a leading force in the case manufacturing industry, renowned for its precision, durability, and commitment to excellence. The company’s journey is a testament to its continuous pursuit of innovation and its ability to meet the evolving needs of clients across various industries.

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