Kündig’s new sanding brush units are available in the UK, through the UK subsidiary, Kündig Ltd, and its appointed regional distributors. “From several customers and distributors, we noticed increasing demand to find a finishing (wood and lacquer) solution for profiled panels, frames, doors, etc,” says Kündig’s sales export manager, Juergen Schuster. “I think especially in North America and Russia, but of course also other markets, such profiled work pieces are common.

“From a customer perspective, it was always the demand to find a ‘one-machine’ solution in order to keep the production lines short or to avoid having two separate production runs through two separate machines. With the new sanding brush units, we can now offer either a hybrid machine (brush and wide-belt in one machine) or single sanding brush sanders (without any wide-belt unit),” in addition to Kündig’s existing wide-belt range.

Juergen continues, “At the end of the day, the result will be very individual machines depending on a specific customer’s needs or wishes,” although he stresses that in order to plan the layout, it is important to receive from the customer all the production para- meters as well as samples for test-brushing: an example of the attention to detail that characterises the Kündig range. He adds: “I think with these units we cover with our machines and unit portfolio all the finishing needs in the woodworking industry that a customer can have.”

The new line of brush systems are available as ‘stand alone’ machines or can be integrated with the options of the various wide belt sanding heads.

For example, for customers manufacturing five piece doors, a suitable configuration may be a calibration unit followed by the sanding brushes: such a machine could presand before lacquering and de-nib after lacquering.

Customers working with MDF panels which have been routed and need preparing prior to spraying, for example, may prefer a machine with just brushing heads.

The new brush units can be offered for solid wood and veneers, for painted or lacquered surfaces: if you make it, there is a Kündig model that can sand it.

Carl O’Meara, of Kündig Ltd, says of the new options: “It comes as no surprise that these new sanding heads work in a somewhat unique fashion. Kündig’s approach is always from a different direction, where they have the ability of ‘thinking outside the box’. ”

Examples of Kündig’s unique approach include the oblique sanding method and the fact that it is the sanding head that rises and falls rather than the workpiece, both factors that are consistently popular with Kündig’s broad customer base.

And the addition of the sanding brush units to the range of options available from Kündig enhances the company’s ability to provide truly bespoke machines, perhaps best exemplified by the company’s Technic range.

The development of the new sanding brush range also demonstrates Kündig’s customer-first policy: the sanding brushes have been developed in response to customer demand, and arise from the typical Kündig response to unusual specifications from its customers: “How can we meet this need, even if it is somewhat different to everything we have ever done before?”

All Kündig wide-belt sanders come with the standard Kündig benefits, such as the energy saving mode fitted on all new machines, estimated to save 15-25% of electricity, and the clearly laid out and easy to use touch screen control system, which always meets with customer approval.