Industrial noise is a topic many industries have to contend with, as exposure to high noise levels in the workplace can cause incurable hearing damage. External plant-generated noise can also encourage complaints and possible legal action from authorities and companies within your locality.

This is reflected in the number of noise monitoring programmes demanded by the regulatory authorities, including the EPA, which has enforced strict new guidelines in relation to environmental noise.

Fercell Engineering is synonymous with wood waste and dust extraction systems. Whether complete factory turnkey projects or a standalone solution, with more than 37 years serving the wood working industry and having built an enviable reputation we are proud of our track record to consistently deliver on time, to budget – right every time.

Acoustic technology and its inclusion into Fercell systems are renowned. Fercell design, manufacture and supply a wide range of acoustic solutions where excessive operational noise levels require reduction.

Fercell acoustic enclosures have been designed for the reduction of noise from fan sets and drive motors. These acoustic enclosures are manufactured in a two-part format, with a modular extrusion framework and interlocking, prefabricated, galvanised panels. The panels are lined with acoustic/insulation polyfoam which is flame retardant-rated and tested to BS476 PT6 & 7 – VAF foams achieve class O to the British Building Regulations.

For large fan units, Fercell’s acoustic housings incorporate a cool air make-up system, drawing through external air into the housing and across drive motor, extracting the motor generated warm air. In addition, enclosures are supported by a strong under-bed frame with an underside clearance which can be adjusted during the design process to best suit the application.

In-line silencers
In-line duct silencers provide attenuation with duct systems. Manufactured from heavy, galvanised sheet steel and lined with sound-absorbent material, they can be supplied with internal pods which further improve noise reduction performance.

Flexible connection
Flexible connections can be supplied for attachment to fan the intake and exhaust apertures, thereby reducing conveyance of vibration noise through associated ducting.

Most fans include high speed moving components, capable of transferring energy through vibration to break out as noise. To contain and control vibration Fercell can supply a range of anti-vibration mounting solutions as one of a number of remedial solutions.

Utilising sheer forces, a mount solution provides a relatively large deflection of a given load to optimise isolation efficiency, with a load support range from 50 to 1200daN.

Twist valves
Fan sets delivering high duties in volume and pressure consume an increased amount of power during start-up, in some instances the power requirements may be greater than the supply available.

To counter this, Fercell can offer a simple, reliable and inexpensive range of twist valves, designed to be mounted on the intake side of a clean air fan set, which regulate the air volume entering the fan set.

A reduction of up to 40% can be achieved for the power consumption on the start-up, as the twist blades turn synchronously from 00 to 900.

These twist valves have been designed to present minimal internal friction and minimal servicing requirements.